Who Could Replace The Special One At Chelsea?

Jose Mourinho - Credit: Football DirectNews (Flickr Creative Commons)
Jose Mourinho - Credit: Football DirectNews (Flickr Creative Commons) /

With the current form of Chelsea Football Club there can be no surprise that their manager’s job is in question. Despite all of his achievements, Jose Mourinho is certainly struggling at the moment and everything seems to be conspiring against him. From player revolts, injuries and sending offs, the manager is beginning to feel the strain. In today’s sacking culture this would normally end in a manager losing their job but the question is, who could possibly replace the special one?

Chelsea’s results speak for themselves. Last season’s champions have totally flopped this season and they look a meager comparison to the team which so comfortably won the league. Why is a total mystery. The team is largely the same and if anything it’s been added to so the sudden drop in form comes as a great surprise. Many had tipped Chelsea to defend their crown but they currently sit in 16th position with a top four finish looking increasingly less likely. So, if the Portuguese can’t turn it around for the club, who can? We take a look at some possibilities.

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Diego Simeone

Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports /

The Atletico man has been sought after for quite some time. He’s a passionate, heart of the sleeve type manager who lives and breathes football. Some have compared him to Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp for his animated touchline antics and eccentric style of managing. He certainly has the personality and experience to manage a club as big as Chelsea. He’s taken Atletico to La Liga glory and to the Champions League final. He’s an advocate for exciting football and his players seem to love playing for him. However, the manager has yet to manage in English football and may find the different league much harder, as many seem to. He simply doesn’t have the Premier League experience that Mourinho has and he certainly doesn’t have the same trophy cabinet to boast. It would be a calculated risk but a risk none the less.

Brendan Rodgers

Brendan Rodgers - Credit: Dan Westwell (Flickr Creative Commons)
Brendan Rodgers – Credit: Dan Westwell (Flickr Creative Commons) /

After his dismissal from Liverpool, Brendan may not be the most popular choice for the fans but he would certainly understand the job in hand. After being Jose’s understudy in his first spell at the club, Rodger’s will already know a lot about the system in place at the Bridge. He can also boast Premier League experience and although he hasn’t won it, he came very close with Liverpool. With more talent at his disposal, I think Rodger’s would thrive at the Chelsea. That Liverpool side of two seasons ago were so exciting. If the Irishman could replicate that mentality with a Chelsea team brimming with world-class talent, the results could be dangerous for European football. Rodger’s is still a young manager with a lot of promise and this Chelsea job may be what he needs to start adding trophies to his repertoire.

Roberto Di Matteo

Next Jurgen Klopp?
Roberto Di Matteo – Credit: Interstreaming (Flickr Creative Commons) /

A wild card I know and almost an impossibility but Chelsea under Di Matteo was successful. In his short caretaker spell at the club, the Italian won Chelsea the cup they always wanted, the Champions League. His man management was unlike anything Chelsea had seen for quite some time and his eccentric ways made him an instant hit with the Bridge faithful. He cared so much during his time in charge and I for one was shocked by his dismissal. He may not be a genius in terms of tactics and coaching but he gets the best out of his players. He took over in similar circumstances that Chelsea are in now, with the team struggling for form and ailing under the pressure. He managed to turn it round then, maybe he can turn it around now. He will certainly be a popular choice among the Chelsea fans who will remember that European night against Bayern for a long time. 

Ultimately though, this article only suggests those who could replace Mourniho but not one has the same experience as the current man in charge. They would be adequate replacements but are by no means better managers. I don’t think Mourinho should be sacked on the basis that there is no one better out there. Chelsea need to stand by their man and not follow suit by sacking for the sake of it. Jose can only pick the team, it’s the players who are letting the club down at the moment.  

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