Chelsea FC Legend Didier Drogba Still in His Prime


Chelsea FC legend Didier Drogba scored a hat-trick in his first start for Montreal Impact in a game that saw his side winning 4-3 to Chicago Fire.

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Didier Drogba is a household name for all Chelsea FC fans. The Ivory Coast striker signed for the Blues from Olympique de Marseille back in 2004 for a then-record of £24 million. He was one of the first players in Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea FC revolution. Didier Drogba aided the Blues to a back-to-back league title in 2004/05 and 2005/06.

The striker would then play a vital role in every competition finals for the club, one of which was the famous Munich final of 2012. “Against all odds,” as some would put it, Didier Drogba scored an 88th minute goal to equalize Thomas Mueller’s 83rd minute header. The Ivorian slotted in the winning penalty at the shootout for Chelsea FC’s first ever Champions League trophy. Everyone thought this would be Didier Drogba’s final kick in Europe.

After a short stint in Shanghai, the Ivorian striker returned to Europe with Galatasaray. It was yet another brief period for him. Jose Mourinho took over the Blues’ managerial role and recalled his talisman back to the club for a one-year contract. For a striker of his age, Didier Drogba still made an impact in the club.

His contract expiry meant that Didier Drogba had to search for another club to play for. As expected, various clubs came to sign the veteran forward, one of them being Chicago Fire. In the end, Montreal Impact succeeded in signing the player.

Didier Drogba made his debut in a 1-0 loss against Philadelphia Union. However, a minor injury proved to be a setback for the striker as he missed the game against Toronto FC. The Ivorian returned to the side yesterday (Sep. 5) as a starter.

His impact was immediate, scoring the opening goal in the 27th minute. After receiving a cross from the right wing, Didier Drogba made a brilliant touch and turn before taking the shot.

His second goal came in the 61st minute. At this point, Montreal Impact was trailing 3-2. A quick restart from the free-kick found the striker in the penalty box, who then released a left-footed shot on goal.

Didier Drogba completed his hat-trick after his volley was deflected high by the goalkeeper. The Ivorian traced the ball in the air and made a jump for a close-range header.

Despite being 37-years-old, an age where most footballers would retire from their careers, Didier Drogba still has the hunger for goal that he had back in his first spell at Chelsea FC. Blues fans would always remember his qualities as a striker.

How much longer will Didier Drogba play professionally?

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