Chelsea FC Head Physio Eva Carneiro will Return to the Blues Bench


This clash between Jose Mourinho and Eva Carneiro has reached “viral standards”. The media are making a meal out of Jose Mourinho’s outburst following his side’s draw against Swansea City last weekend.

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The Portuguese coach criticized his medical team during his post-match interview and his argument was reasonable a one. Chelsea were already a man down with Thibaut Courtois being sent off for a foul against Bafetimi Gomis inside the penalty area.

The medical team rushed in to treat Eden Hazard, who seemed to have fallen hard in the final third of the pitch. Eva Carneiro and Jon Fearn had to take the Belgian to the sidelines, leaving the team with only eight outfield players. The temporary loss of Chelsea’s star playmaker forced the side to take a crucial free-kick without it’s best player.

Some pundits might consider Jose Mourinho’s outburst as cruel and unjust. However, most fans were more concerned with Eva Carneiro’s status as the head doctor of the team. The Gibraltar native has gained celebrity status among football fans.

Considered attractive and charismatic, Eva Carneiro became a Chelsea FC fan favorite. However, this did not stop former Chelsea doctor Ralph Rogers from defending Jose Mourinho’s actions while simultaneously rebuking Eva Carneiro’s explanation of her side of the story.

Chelsea FC supporters were quick to jump to the Chelsea physio’s defense. However, no matter what was said by either, it is now clear that this disagreement is nothing more than mass media hype which has undoubtedly taken a tole on the club.

Jose Mourinho’s catchphrase of “a campaign against Chelsea” is coming true. This time, it hits directly at home. This shake-up has likely unnerved many in the side and could have been a contributing factor in Chelsea FC’s performance against Manchester City. The match ended in a 3-0 loss for the Blues.

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This temporary stirrup will eventually die down but how much damage will be done before it does? The distraction has likely contributed to one humiliating defeat for Chelsea already, could it completely derail Chelsea’s Premier League title hopes?

When asked about the situation with Eva Carneiro and John Fern in the pre-match conference preceding the Manchester City game, the Chelsea coach admitted that while both medical staffs would not be on the bench against City, both might return to their previous roles in the future.

So keep your cool, Chelsea fans. Eva Carneiro will return to the bench… as long as she decides to remain at Stamford Bridge.

Do you think Eva Carneiro will forgive Mourinho and carry on as the club physio?

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