Chelsea FC Success All Down To Me, Claims Jose Mourinho


Chelsea FC Boss Jose Mourinho is taking off his ‘Happy One’ mask and proving that the Special One still exists. Now that the Blues are almost guaranteed to win the title, the Portuguese tactician is blowing his own horn once again.

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Chelsea will face an in-form Leicester City at the King Power Stadium on Wednesday, knowing that a win could see them crowned champions before Monday. Having led the pack from the beginning of the season, Mourinho’s men have charged at the title, only coming up for air twice — in losses to Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspur.

This season’s PFA Team of the Year was dominated by Chelsea players, with six of them being selected. Eden Hazard took home the big prize on Sunday, bagging the Player of the Year Award.

Other players such as John Terry, Nemanja Matic, Cesc Fabregas and Diego Costa have all been pivotal, but Mourinho claims that the team’s success is all his work, and that player-power no longer exists at Stamford Bridge.

"“Chelsea leadership is my leadership. For good and for bad. It’s not the players’ leadership.”-Jose MourinhoSource: Mirror"

When asked if this was also on the pitch, he replied ” Yes; Their place is in the dressing room.”

Mourinho also noted the transition his team has gone through since his first stint at the club, but also praised the players who were under his tutelage back then.

"“You know, for the older guys, it’s also nice to belong to two different generations. If we are champions this season, Petr, Drogba and John, and also Mikel, they’ll belong to two generations. The same as me.“It’s nice to belong to the history of a club in different moments. If you manage to be champions, it’s very nice for these older guys.”"

He also pointed to the future, lamenting on the fact that Chelsea legend Frank Lampard is playing no part this season, but also suggesting that the team is growing stronger without the Englishman’s presence.

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"“They’re very experienced. Ivanovic is experienced. Azpilicueta gets experience. Eden Hazard is here for three years. Nemanja Matic gets experience. The years are for everyone, not just for them.“Ruben Loftus-Cheek is 18 and he just arrived. In five years’ time he will be 23, so I see this as a natural process. Chelsea lost, in the end of last year, what I consider for sure, one of the five most important players in the history of the club: Frank Lampard. We lost that player. But life goes on.“You have to think about the future and to build, and you have to go.”"

The Blues are ushering a new generation of winners in, if they can hold on to their key players, there is no reason why they should not dominate English football for years to come — especially with Mourinho at the helm.

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