The timing is not right for Mauro Icardi to move to Chelsea


Mauro Icardi is a vicious goal – scorer. The Argentine has scored 12 goals in Serie A thus far in the season, but also he is the kind of player who is tagged in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Icardi has been in eyesight of some of the Premier Leagues biggest clubs, including the most prolific this season, Chelsea.

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The West London outfit have been linked to Icardi. Reports from the telegraph suggest that he could soon become a Stamford Bridge faithful because of recently turning down a new contract agreement with Inter Milan. The Argentine is demanding a 2.2 million contract and is instead only receiving a  2 million contract.

The question remains though, would this furious force be the right move for Chelsea? He is reported to be worth a whopping £ 30 million were Chelsea to buy the striker, but this does not necessarily mean that the club need him. If Icardi was to join any team in the Premier League, Chelsea would be an interesting fit in some ways and not in others.

Firstly, Chelsea have an unforgivable attacking unit – no matter what the situation at hand is, their front line, namely Diego Costa will take full advantage of goal scoring opportunities. Thanks to Costa’s hot-headed approach to just about everything, Icardi would fit right in. But that at the same time, Icardi would not be a great fit for a powerhouse such as Jose Mourinho.

Icardi has been the headline more than once for his attitude and instant ability to become infuriated on many occasions. The 22 year old, perhaps in a feat of immaturity, had a recent row with Inter Milan fans after the club lost 3-1 to Sassuolo in early February. In their attempt to aggravate the beast, the fans at the Mapei Stadium ground threw their jerseys onto the pitch towards the Argentine in protest.

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Himself and Fredy Guarin launched a counter attack towards the fans and the striker blasted his supporters before marching off into the tunnel. Icardi has also had a soap opera account with former teammate Maxi Lopez when after leaving Sampordia where the two played together, he re-emerged with his ex-wife of five years as an item.

Despite the fact that John Terry and Icardi would have common morals from this situation, it doesn’t offer insight on how successful Icardi would be at the Stamford Bridge. Icardi is a sensational talent for his age and if a club is looking to purchase aggression upfront, he will easily offer such.

But at such a young age and temperamental, it could be a risk that is too expensive to take. especially if the likes of Diego Costa is already enough of an aggressive force.

The Argentine should certainly be a player who will develop his veteran like manner on the pitch especially with all the European experience he has gained in the Europa League. Yet, with his current situation at Inter Milan, the smartest of choices would likely come in staying under the guidance of Roberto Mancini and once again reeking havoc on Italian football for one more season.