Chelsea FC: The Drogba Legacy Is Far From Over


Chelsea FC striker Didier Drogba was expected to ride off into the sunset after winning the Champions League, with what was supposed to be his last kick of a football for the Blues.

Ride off he did, but he would take an unexpected U-turn when Jose Mourinho came calling. The beloved club legend made a return to the place where he made so much history, and penned a one-year contract.

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With the arrivals of the prolific Diego Costa and Star forward Loic Remy, many (including myself) were inclined to believe that Drogba’s role would be somewhat peripheral. At 36, and no longer at the peak of his powers, he was expected to be the third choice striker, coming off the bench in the last 20 minutes or so, to get the crowd pumped.

He seemed more suited to a mentorship role than anything else, as his huge dressing room presence would certainly be beneficial to the team — Costa and Remy especially. His wealth of experience, would be an asset to the club both on and off the pitch.

After the transfer was confirmed, I immediately set personal standards. I decided that I would be satisfied with five goals from the ‘Old Drog.’ Sure he was still Didier Drogba, but how many games would he even play?

While I didn’t expect him to lose his eye for goal and the brute strength, his lack of pace, and lowered stamina caused a bit of concern. I expected nothing more than 20-minute cameos, so five goals would more than vindicate his return in my view.

Well, we are only in December, and he has already scored five goals — which is more than we can say for Mario Balotelli and Rickie Lambert — sadly. Surprisingly, Drogba has emerged as one of the top players this season, he is actually ahead of Remy in the pecking order.

After the first international break of the season, Drogba was called upon to lead the team during the absences of the other two strikers. He ensured that they weren’t missed, by scoring three goals during the four-game span. The fact that he was able to play so many games was already amazing, but a three-goal bonus made it all the better.

The Ivorian has performed really well so far, he scored against Manchester United and Tottenham — big teams and major rivals. Mourinho has total trust in him, and now I do too (again).

All the talk of Chelsea not being able to function without Costa has been thrown out, the depth up front is scary. All three strikers have given a good and proper account of themselves — Costa is a beast, Drogba is quite reliable and Remy makes the best of his few minutes.

Remy really deserves more playing time; he is pure class, and can exploit any defense with his pace and scoring ability. Unfortunately, he’s competing with a serial scorer and a legendary veteran striker who still bags goals.

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Drogba has always been the type of player who overshadows his teammates; some players are like that, they keep you out of a team no matter who you are. Imagine spending 50 million pounds on a 26-year-old superstar striker — now imagine him finding it hard to displace a 32-year-old forward in your team. I swear I know of a situation like that…

With Costa serving a one-game suspension yesterday, Mourinho decided to start Drogba against Tottenham. It wasn’t long before the Portuguese coach was made to look like a genius, the Ivorian would set Eden Hazard up for the first goal of the match, and get himself a goal three minutes later.

Remy — who replaced Drogba late on — chipped in with a goal of his own, again giving testimony to the frightening depth the Blues currently possess.

Having already hit the five-goal mark, Drogba has forced me to set the bar a bit higher. Competitions will be coming in thick and fast, which means that he will have plenty of opportunities to increase his tally. I think I can settle for 11 goals from this legend of a man.