Manchester City, Chelsea dealt with blow regarding Lukaku

Romelu Lukaku is a happy man in Milan right now. He recently won the Scudetto with Inter with four games to go, and is celebrating a season that is an overall success. He became the first player since 2004/05 to score 20+ goals (21) and get 10+ (10) assists in a Serie A season, and doing all that while leading the team to some incredible consistency and good performances, which resulted in good wins.

However, after winning the Serie A title, he has said something about the future, which doesn’t look very good for EPL Clubs like Manchester City and Chelsea, who were hoping to sign him this summer.

What has Lukaku said about his future?

While talking to Sky Sports, Lukaku said that he’s really happy and proud to be an Inter player. He said he has a special feeling about this club and so he celebrated the league all around the city with the fans.

While reporting this, renowned journalist Fabrizio Romano also confirmed that he’s not planning to leave the club in the summer.

It has been reported before that Manchester City were among the clubs that were interested in the Belgian striker. Manchester City have been reportedly looking for striker options ever since Sergio Aguero announced that he will leave the club at the end of the season. Chelsea was also a club reportedly interested in signing Lukaku next season, as per multiple news sources.

Now, it seems that Romelu Lukaku will stay in Milan for at least another season. Manchester City (and Chelsea) would surely start looking at other options. We all know Pep Guardiola is loving the false-nine set-up right now, but we don’t know how sustainable it is, or for how long it can work without a proper striker being in the squad. That’s why I think it’s fair to assume that Manchester City are still in the market and still need a striker.