Jude Bellingham: Is he the most wanted Englishman in the world?

Jude Bellingham has made his way into Borussia Dortmund’s starting XI with so much ease, it’s scary to even think of how good he can become when he reaches his potential. In ten years, who knows where he might be, both in terms of clubs and in terms of the level of his game. The former may change sooner than that though.

Bellingham had an amazing couple of games against what people call (or have called this season) the best team in the world. Dortmund played Manchester City in the quarter-finals of the Champions League earlier this month. Bellingham and co. were bested in both legs, but some could argue about how Dortmund deserved the win (or, at least, a draw) in the first leg because of Bellingham’s incorrectly disallowed goal.

Bellingham would go on to score a well-deserving goal in the second leg, but City scored two more later on and were already ahead on aggregate, so it didn’t have as much significance as the first goal would’ve had. City are now in the semi-finals of the Champions League. They face PSG.

How good is Bellingham? Is he the most wanted English player right now?

Bellingham has been this good throughout the whole season. He just needed this game to showcase that to the people who did not rate him that highly. Him scoring the goal made people realise that this guy is a very big deal, and that’s just what he needed. He has the eyes on him. Big clubs have eyes on him.

According to a report from Eurosport, Bellingham is now a target for many English clubs, priced at £100 million. The one that’s keeping track of his movements the most is Chelsea, who, according to this report, have had Bellingham in their transfer targets list for a while now.

He’s too talented a player to not be noticed by other clubs. The report also says that Liverpool are looking at him, and Manchester United have been interested in him in the past. Other than that, Manchester City are also interested.

Just imagine, though, he’s only 17 years old and he’s being rumoured to go for £100 million. That’s a lot of money, but he is just that talented.

Is he the most sought after Englishman in football right now? Maybe. Could be. Jadon Sancho has had that title for quite a while now, or even Harry Kane (yes, he’s older but he is also a lot more proven and experienced than these two) but and I’m not sure if many big clubs really have £150-200 million to give out right now. I’m not saying Bellingham’s price tag isn’t high. It is. But it’s lower than Sancho’s, or even Kane’s and that makes him slightly more affordable, and slightly more wanted.

These are just reports, though. One could argue that Kane is more affordable. You could be right, but it’s just about what you prefer. Do you prefer a youngster, or a proven specialist? It’s all a matter of preference and need.