Liverpool: Ralf Rangnick backs a Werner to Anfield transfer

The head of sport and development at Red Bull GmbH, Ralf Rangnick, backs a switch from RB Leipzig to Liverpool for Timo Werner but hopes he’ll stay put beyond the summer transfer window.

The east-central German side is strapping up for life without Timo Werner. The player has been keen on an exit for the past couple of seasons and has predetermined to make the move abroad this summer.

The hitman was on the verge of leaving on a free, instead, he chose to honour Leipzig with a contract renewal. Thus, enabling the club to make money off one of the most lethal, young strikers in the game today.

The enigma is no longer when will this happen but more where he will end up and who will he sign for. Strong favourites in the Premier League was always the club from Anfield, with Chelsea knocking on every door of all their rivals’ targets, including this one.

They’ve been missing for the past couple of windows, hence their early Hakim Ziyech announcement for the upcoming season. On account of this, we know they mean business. Sadly, any club rallying Liverpool for a potential target from either of the Red Bull clubs, Leipzig or Salzburg, stand to fight an antagonistic fight in the transfer window.

Ralf Rangnick and Michael Edwards have probably struck up a damn good friendship, businesswise and personally, from previous work done together. Both clubs express great business moulds in the game today.

How so? They’ve generated top-tier players, who push the envelope in their respective leagues. Plus, if you do not support them, you pronouncedly hate them. This displays greatness.

Like Man United and Jadon Sancho have openly flirted during the COVID-19 pandemic, so has Liverpool and Werner dropped down and shaken their tail feather for one another. Here is another example of flirting out loud.

Undercover messages by Rangnick

His recent words feel like we should be bracing ourselves for a Naby Keita type of deal. The talks of this have come up before where Liverpool is said to be intent on sending the player back to Germany to continue his development, after securing his signature.

Rangnick saying Liverpool is the best-suited club for him, is the same as saying what time are you fetching your son from the training camp and don’t forget to drop off at next season’s session. Adding to the growing speculation, a Werner replacement is being lined up at the Red Bull Arena.

They’ve earmarked Werner Bremen forward, Milot Rashica, as Timo’s successor. Everything stands in favour of a Leipzig exit and Liverpool transfer. Oh, how the narrative keeps changing.