Tottenham finally gives in and follows suit of other Premier League clubs

COVID-19 has summoned everybody to the table and has asked all to play their part by throwing a penny or more in the plate if their service in the fight against COVID-19 is limited.

Clubs and players have been called upon to help lighten the load and aid where they can. The world’s turned into something of the dark ages because of the Coronavirus pandemic having a negative impact.

The breakdown of the world, the change from normal everyday life to hiding in the dark, the loss of jobs, and the halt in sports has made it impossible to look forward to the future. However, in return, it has brought us together and put us all on one team… The winning team.

Sadly, we will always have the odd few who go against the grain and will always feel what they have belongs to them and them alone. Just to name one selfish punk, Mike Ashley. His club Newcastle is being called out by Gary Neville, who wants them to get a transfer ban for their treatment of non-playing staff members.

Spurs were right behind Mike Ashley’s ruling

Over the last couple of weeks, the news was moving fast about player wages, pay cuts, and the talk of clubs using the government’s furlough scheme. No surprise Newcastle was one of the clubs who jump on this opportunity (hence the previous comments on the owner of the Magpies) to use the furlough scheme.

Another club who a lot predicted would follow in Newcastle’s footsteps was Spurs. Daniel Levy has also been known for his cold heart and love for money. He and the North London club were placed on a rotisserie, close above a blazing fire by their own fans.

The heat was too much for them to handle. Sweating the heat from the fans while experiencing these testing times, many to all judge your character. Are you the hero who stays behind and fights till the end of the action movie? Or are you the weasel who runs off with the money, meets karma as well as a deadly fate?

Well, it appears Levy is the villain you grow to like. You don’t like him from the beginning to the middle of the flick, and just like that he switches sides and sends the movie on its way to a happy ending, forcing you to like him.

In view of supporter sentiment regarding the scheme, it is now not our intention to make use of the current CJRS that runs until the end of May.

The criticism the Club has received over the last week has been felt all the more keenly because of our track record of good works and our huge sense of responsibility to care for those that rely on us, particularly locally.

“It was never our intent, as custodians, to do anything other than put measures in place to protect jobs whilst the Club sought to continue to operate in a self-sufficient manner during uncertain times. (Via: Sky Sports)

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Thankfully, they have adjusted their attitude and given in to their fans. The club will pay their members in full after the change of heart. What’s most important is to notice owner Daniel Levy has a heart that can be warmed up and he could be a man for the people after all.