Brighton change it up and award Graham Potter with a new 6-year contract

The man who had the difficult task of installing a new plan, way of football, and a give his club a chance to keep fighting in the Premier League has been rewarded with a new contract.

On Tuesday, midtable side Brighton made a special announcement. They handed Graham Potter an extension on his contract with the club he recently signed for.

A six-year deal (a two-year extension) for the man who was just appointed as the boss a few months back before the season kicked off.  So… An opening contract of four years soon turned into six? Must have made quite the first and lasting impression on Tony Bloom then.

This from the Brighton boss:

We’ve been really pleased with the start Graham has made as head coach since joining us in the summer. I’m delighted he and his staff have committed to these new long-term contracts.

Together with his backroom team, he has continued the club’s progress of recent years and brought a different approach with a new style of play, which has been embraced by players and supporters alike. (via: )

The chap previously from Swansea City has proven enough to convince the gentleman at the top, the Seagulls are flying true and will do so for seasons to come if they continue to perform at the level and pick up more of wants the manager wants each week.

Refreshing for the Premier League

A refreshing move in a cutthroat world of football, where you here one day and gone on that same day. Normally in such cases where a team has lost six in a 13 game run.

Suffering from back-to-back 2-0 loss to Leicester City over the weekend and a 3-1 loss to United a week prior to this, the last thing any of us expected is the Englishman would be handed a new contract that would keep him at the American Express Community Stadium.

Honestly, because of this, my faith in humanity has been restored. Although, it hasn’t come from a string of big losses like the defeats suffered at the hands of the aforementioned duo.

Outstanding performances against Spurs, Everton and how the team have taken to his ideas has granted this early reward. They sit nicely in 12th place.

However, the points between 5th place and 17th place are only six points. There is no room for them to rest or any club for that matter.

If they keep latching onto what Graham’s teaching them and he continues to learn, as well as keep adapting to the Premier League, they should be in The Top Flight for the long haul.

Next: A bit of a struggle for both Spurs and City

Putting an early end to their celebrations, the Seagulls go on their most unfavourable run of fixtures over the next few weeks.

Graham Potter and his Brighton side must face Liverpool, Arsenal, Wolves, Sheff United, Spurs, Bournemouth, and Chelsea in their next eight games.

All these clubs are in the top half of the table and sitting above Brighton. Let’s hope this wasn’t a premature action by owner Tony Bloom and somewhere in there, there are surprising triumphs coming.