Brighton sensation pulls out of Ireland squad – England switch still possible

Evan Ferguson of Brighton (Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)
Evan Ferguson of Brighton (Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images) /

Brighton and Republic of Ireland sensation Evan Ferguson has truly hit the ground running so far this season. In his most recent match, the 18-year-old bagged an impressive hat-trick against Champions League side Newcastle United. His fine run of form has fans of both his country and club excited for what he can achieve.

Just earlier, we reported that Manchester City were keeping a keen eye on Ferguson, with the eye to partner him with Erling Haaland. That’s a big interest, but it’s warranted for such a fine young talent who has a bright future ahead of him.

Brighton’s Evan Ferguson will choose Republic or Ireland over England

In terms of international football, Evan Ferguson represents the Republic or Ireland national team as addressed. However, he is eligible to represent England if he wishes since he has an English mother. According to Express, FIFA rules state that a player can switch national teams until they have four competitive appearances for one country. Ferguson has three competitive appearances.

The report goes on to state that despite Ferguson pulling out of the current international break due to injury, it’s unlikely he’ll be convinced to join the England national team. Ferguson has stated in the past that “[representing England] is not gonna happen”.

Fair enough. After all, his father has done enough to convince him that Ireland is the team for him.

Ferguson is an exceptional young talent and a true credit to the Republic of Ireland. Under the right tutelage and with a goal in mind, he could become one of the greatest players to represent their national team. Certainly, he would like to go down as a legend for his country, with the signs suggesting he could easily achieve that goal.

Do you think Evan Ferguson will be a success for the Republic or Ireland?