2015 Resolutions For Paris St Germain


French Champions Paris St Germain have a big year in hindsight and it involve an enormous amount of pressure to ascend. Laurent Blanc’s men went into the winter break under a cloud of defeat and dreary performances, the Capital club have utilized their financial accolades since 2011, but the most coveted of rewards is yet to come.

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After 3 successful seasons under the wing of Qatari ownership it is a given that president Nasser Al-Khelaifi is awaiting the possible lift of European glory through a Champions League victory. In the last two seasons the club have featured, under both Blanc and Carlos Ancoletti, Les Parisians have been booted out during the quarter finals— a third time is surely a charm but also the one with the most pressure.

With the season already fuelling rumours of exits, locker room tensions and Laurent Blanc under fire, it’s hard to say whether Paris can revitalize themselves in 2015 to prove the past otherwise. Here are a few key resolutions the club should be aiming for in 2015.

Don’t buy, develop

The club has seen a handful of players leave as well as threaten their places in Paris because of lack of attention and playing time. PSG has one of the best youth academies in France but fails to let their youth break through when they bud. Also, like the nature of any financially savvy club, Paris tend to find solutions to problems with the idea that flexing their financial muscle will not only earn them European respect but greatness. This has been seen to cause rifts where they are not needed, especially in the case of the senior team.

Yohan Cabaye, the transfer of approximately €20 million from Newcastle has hardly seen his light of day since being in the Capital, hardly being a vital part of the squad and often not getting the opportunity.

The same goes for youth team graduate, Adrien Rabiot, who has enticed a handful of clubs in Europe, but also hasn’t found a permanent place among Paris’ elite. For the club to process of development and importance for their players is crucial during their hopeful rise to greatness.

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Combat Complacency

Complacency is the demon that has plagued Paris since day one and seems to continue to haunt the progression of club and players. All of this cannot be solely blamed on Blanc, but it has not helped that his tactics are bound and rarely rotated. Because of this, the players have begun to suffer what looks like an obligation to win, instead of a drive to win.

This is especially prevalent during Ligue 1 matches against much lesser sides who may not have European experience or simply seem inferior to Paris. This kind of attitude has seriously hurt the success of the club, the dynamic and their will to push momentum in much of 2014. This is a big resolution to have, but it is truly one of Paris St Germain’s greatest weaknesses.

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