Ezequiel Lavazzi Out Of Paris St Germain?


Reports are fluttering with the echoes of what seems to be every transfer window, ones which state that yet again, Ezequiel Lavazzi could be on his way out of Paris sooner than later. According to ‘The Express’ the Argentine has been linked with his old stomping ground, Italy with interest from Inter Milan. The rumours have also extended from the summer that Lavazzi could also be linked with moves to Liverpool and Tottenham.

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The 29 year old’s deal with Paris St Germain runs until the summer of 2016 and ‘The Express’ states (which had originated from “Italian sources”):

"“Lavezzi is valued at a sizable £17 million, however PSG may be forced to accept a reduced transfer fee to prevent the Argentine from leaving for free in the summer of 2016.’"

How will the absence of the winger effect Paris in the long run? Laurent Blanc currently has a myriad of options for the position, many of which have seen better form then the Argentine recently. This of course could be due to his lack of playing time, considering his influence in Ligue 1 has come from short lived substitutions. But one thing that is forsure is that Lavazzi is one of the hardest working men on the pitch. Alongside Lucas Moura, he takes more time to adhere to his central attack than create a tally for himself.

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Although most of his attempts at retaining an assist have been denied, Lavazzi has always been reliable. His performance during the Champions League quarter final against Chelsea should have been proof enough that he can step up to any challenge which hovers above him. The unfortunate reality lies in the other talents Lavazzi must try to overcome to become more of a consistent starter than a bench option– the likes of Javier Pastore, who utilizes chances for goals and creates them is on a much better plane than Lavazzi currently. Often fans have also witnessed how influential, but sometimes reckless, Lucas has been for Paris.

Both also carry a very high demand for athleticism; but this is not to discount Lavazzi’s abilities either. His partnership with Gregory Van der Wiel or Maxwell has always been one of the most deadly attack and defences along the wing. Because the rumours have been afloat for longer than a season, it is difficult to assume that Lavazzi (without any real speculation of contract issues, locker room rumbles or any sort of problem with the club at all) would be leaving the Capital come January.

His commitment to Paris, regardless of the flip-flop in starting time has always been clear, it is especially clear on the pitch. No second is wasted and this is what makes him significant to Paris’ further success.

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