How Arsenal Can Win the Premier League


With Arsenal suffering from the worst injury bug in recent memory, many have wondered if there is any hope for the London-based club this season.

Arsenal is expected to contend for the Premier League title this season, but injuries to starters Olivier Giroud, Mesut Ozil, Theo Walcott, Kieran Gibbs and Aaron Ramsey have derailed the club’s campaign so far.

In fact, an entire squad could probably be built from the Arsenal players who have gone down at one time or another with injury this season. Can Arsene Wenger possibly right this extremely damaged ship and lead the club to glory?

Let’s take a look at what must happen for Arsenal if the club is to have any chance at winning the Premier League title this season.

Champions League Exit

It is very hard to say, but if Arsenal wants to win the Premier League this season, an exit from Champions League play is a must. Just the amount of travel that the club has to make during the season for the continental matches is something that hurts the already wounded side. The extra games which would take the club all across Europe would add more wear and tear to the team.

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In terms of the club’s recent continental form, they have a very low chance of actually winning the Champions League, in fact, the club’s recent play makes it seem more suited to Europa League competition. As much as supporters of any club hate losing, an early exit from Europe would allow the club to devote its attention to the Premier League. The club would be allowed rest or home training days instead of playing in some small European country.

Don’t get me wrong either, I’m by no means saying that the club should go out and try to lose, or forfeit the match. What I am saying is, should the club fail to make a deep run in Europe, it might just be a good thing. Losing early will give the Gunners an advantage against their Premier League rivals, who will be pulling double duty in Europe and England. The loss could just give the team the rest and energy it needs to make a run at the Premier League title.

Sign some Defenders

Following the sale of Thomas Vermaelen this past summer, Arsenal came into the Premier League season with only six senior-side defenders. The move quickly proved to be a foolish one. After losing Mathieu Debuchy last month to an ankle injury, Arsene Wenger was forced to throw a shabby defensive line together on a match-to-match basis. With the possible loss of Kieran Gibbs for this weekend’s match against Burnley, bet money on some combination of Nacho Monreal, Per Mertesacker, Calum Chambers and Hector Bellerin making up the back four for Arsenal.

Quite simply, the Arsenal board needs to dig deep into the vault and provide Wenger with some shopping money. Specifically, defensive shopping money. The club needs to go out in January and sign some defenders. Whether it be on loan or permanent signings, Arsenal need some help in defense. This does include making a move for Real Madrid’s midfielder Sami Khedira.

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Though Khedira is not a defender, he is a top notch defensive midfielder. Helping lead the German national team to World Cup victory this past summer only increased his value. With his contract set to expire in the next summer, Real Madrid will be keen to sell the player over losing him for nothing. Though there have been recent suggestions which claim that Manchester City is interested in the player, Arsenal have been in the lead to sign the German for a while now. Bringing Khedira in — along with some true defenders — will go a long way in strengthening the wounded defense, and providing the side with some much needed depth.


As simple as it sounds. As long as the players and the supporters believe in the club, anything is possible. Confidence is extremely contagious, and should some begin to believe in the club’s title chances, the whole club will soon follow. There is a fine line between confidence and over-confidence. That line must not be crossed, but it is extremely important for the club to believe in itself. As long as the club does this, the fans and the wins will follow.

Now, this plan does not guarantee anything, let alone a Premier League title. However, with Arsenal’s current state, the above could do nothing to hurt the side. Should the club have any hope of winning the Premier League, then the above must be done. If the Gunners do follow this pattern, things can only improve. If it does not in fact improve, and Arsenal maintains its hold on the Premier League’s fourth place, then there is always the supporter’s favorite saying. “Wait till next year.”