Arsenal: Villarreal loss symbolic of the state that club is in

Since the start of March 2021, Arsenal have featured in 12 games across all competitions. They have only four wins out of those 12 games, and they’ve lost four games, and have drawn four games.

Considering the situation that they’re in right now, with them being all the way down at 10th position in the Premier League table, the chances of silverware are very, very low. Chances of qualifying for European competition are just as low. Yet, somehow, they keep playing worse and worse in the most important games of the season.

The only way The Gunners get to play in European competitions is by winning the Europa League. The only way they touch silverware this season is by lifting the Europa League trophy. And somehow, Arsenal, in their most important game of the season so far, gave in one of the worst performances of 2021. You read that right.

Arsenal’s performance against Villarreal was symbolic of how bad things are in every aspect for the club

Arsenal weren’t nearly as good as they could’ve been against Villarreal — who simply were better than them in every aspect of the game. You must be thinking, why did I mention other games when I was going to talk about the Villarreal match alone? Well, the reason for that is this: Momentum, form and confidence are three very, very important things.

Going into this game, Arsenal had two wins in their last eight games, and zero in their last two. In a match as crucial as this, form is very important and it can have a psychological impact on the players that are not used to it.

There have been off the field issues with the interest from Spotify owner Daniel Ek who wants to buy the club, and it may or may not cause unrest among the players. There was the whole Super League fiasco before that. There are players like Bellerin who are reportedly going to leave the club. There are players who are just not performing well.

There are also players whose great performances are just going in vain because nothing is going their team’s way. There is a manager who was supposed to be good at the job but at the moment may not have the right tools to function properly, because of a lack of investment made by the club to sign proven players. Either that, or maybe he’s just not good enough yet.

Arsenal are truly in a state of turmoil. There are a number of things that need to change, and a number of things that need to improve for this club to function the way it used to, all the way from the team to the board.