Gareth Bale will be returning to the Premier League to join Tottenham

Jose Mourinho and Spurs are about to pull off one of the biggest deals this summer with Gareth Bale’s arrival imminent.

Tottenham makes it a double signing on the day with both players yet to be officially confirmed and both hailing from the Spanish capital, Madrid.

The latest on the story, the two clubs are finalising small details before agreeing on the deal that will see the return of one Bale to the Premier League.

Gareth Bale has already told his teammates that he will be off for the summer and Real Madrid’s official website has already stopped sales on all Bale personalised apparel.

The deal in place is a season-long loan which will cover the player’s huge salary of around €17 million-a-year.

What appears to be a sticking point now in the deal, although both clubs want it to be over at the earliest possible time, is Los Blancos going back on their word of them willing to split his wage bill.

The mission for the club was always to get him fully off the books, allowing them to acquire the services of their required summer targets.

Adding to this, it is said the La Liga chiefs have laid down a law that all/most of the top Spanish clubs must sell before they can add any new names to their respective rosters.

Hence the reason why the Memphis Depay to Barcelona deal has gone quiet and has stalled for the meantime. Everything has worked out in Bale and Spurs’ favour and a transfer was begging to transpire with all going on.

The club initially linked with the Wales captain, Man United, have pulled out of the deal altogether. This is the second time it has happened in as many days.

Left-back Sergio Reguilon was the first to be highjacked by the North London side and is on his way to London to complete his move. Daniel Levy thought it wise to negotiate the return of Gareth while happily accepting the terms to which Madrid were delighted to sanction the deal for the fullback.

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United were unprepared to meet their commands of a buy-back clause and cough up the asking price of €30m for the 23-year-old. In the end, Jose’s board were happy to accept the conditions and ended up paying in the region of €27.6m.

Both Gareth Bale and Sergio Reguilon’s announcement imminent. More incomings are expected once the duo’s deals go through.

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