Manchester City: Wayne Rooney believes they can win Champions League

Manchester City, Wayne Rooney, Champions League (Photo by James Williamson - AMA/Getty Images)
Manchester City, Wayne Rooney, Champions League (Photo by James Williamson - AMA/Getty Images) /

Wayne Rooney believes Manchester City can win the Champions League

Does Wayne Rooney know how to make a statement involving Manchester City or what? In an article written by James Westwood of, he truly believes that Manchester City has everything that it takes to become winners of the Champions League.

It won’t be easy for Manchester City but their first match in the upcoming Champions League season will be up against Real Madrid. Rooney believes they can not only score at will against Real Madrid but also be a true contender as they work their way to the final.

Here is what Rooney said in that article for written by Westwood:

Manchester City has an early advantage at the start of the Champions League

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"“City may never have a better chance to win the Champions League,” the Manchester United legend wrote in his latest column for The Times [paid subscription required]. “Sergio Ramos is suspended which is a huge loss to the Real defence and I think City will score. Whether they are solid enough at the back themselves is my only question.”"

Rooney does have a point as, without Ramos, it’s a huge blow for Real Madrid’s defense which could expose them tremendously if Manchester City takes advantage. Scoring early and maintaining a lead should be relatively easier now without Ramos in the starting lineup.

Besides showing a ton of respect for Manchester City, Rooney also knows they have a potential superstar in the making when it comes to Kevin De Bruyne. The star midfielder has been getting a lot of praise as of late and will more than likely be a catalyst for Manchester City throughout their Champions League run.

Things are looking good for Manchester City as they prepare for what should be an eventful run where hopefully, everything falls into place and they truly make a name for themselves. Of course, with all the controversy involving their previous Champions League ban, them coming back stronger than ever and making a statement this time around can only help the healing process.

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Overall, the time is now for Manchester City to put all that behind them and focus on the task at hand. It all starts against Real Madrid and if things go well from there on out, we all could be witness to something great in this year’s Champions League.