Chelsea: Christian Pulisic likely to miss Champions League Bayern match

Chelsea, Christian Pulisic, Champions League (Photo by Craig Mercer/MB Media/Getty Images)
Chelsea, Christian Pulisic, Champions League (Photo by Craig Mercer/MB Media/Getty Images) /

As Chelsea prepares for the Champions League, Christian Pulisic will miss the first match

Unfortunately for Chelsea, they got hit with unfortunate news as they prepare for the start of the new Champions League season. Christian Pulisic suffered a hamstring injury on Saturday against Arsenal and will more than likely miss Chelsea’s first game against Bayern Munich.

This was confirmed in an article written by Roger Gonzalez of CBS Sports as it would make sense for Chelsea to be safe than sorry when dealing with Pulisic’s injury. In the grand scheme of things, it would be best to sit Pulisic for this first match of the Champions League season and take a look at his progress on a day-to-day basis to avoid rushing him back too soon.

Considering that Pulisic is arguably Chelsea’s top player, this could likely be something that can hold them back in advancing in the Champions League. There is a ton on the line for Chelsea as an early exit in the Champions League would end their season on a low note.

Chelsea will have a tough Champions League match against Bayern Munich

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It would be quite a lot to handle for fans knowing that Pulisic could have a lingering injury for the rest of his career on top of not winning a Champions League championship title. The odds were already against Chelsea ahead of their match with Bayern Munich and now even more without Pulisic in the lineup.

Head coach Frank Lampard will have a tough time trying to finalize a good starting lineup to try and bring down an extremely good opponent. Pulisic was such a huge part of their gameplan.

With issues on defense and their general midfield attack, things aren’t looking good for Chelsea as they have underdogs written all over them entering this Champions League season.

Make no mistake about it, Pulisic is what made Chelsea such a dangerous time when everything was clicking on all cylinders. Without him in the lineup, it’s an entirely different team, strategy, and well, execution. It will take a ton of creativity and everyone chipping in for the ream to pick up the slack due to such a devastating injury.

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Hopefully, Pulisic will be alright and Chelsea can hold things down if he’s able to ultimately return at some point. Chelsea fans will just have to wait and see how his healing goes as there is no guarantee he’ll even be back and healthy enough to compete in this season’s Champions League.