Liverpool: Move for Bayern Munich midfielder is nearing completion

Thiago Alcantara of FC Bayern Munich (Photo by ANP Sport via Getty Images)
Thiago Alcantara of FC Bayern Munich (Photo by ANP Sport via Getty Images) /

Widespread media reports Liverpool have and have not had a bid accepted for Thiago Alcântara.

It appears the Premier League prizewinners are giving the fans another thing to celebrate about before calling the season a quite. As per multiple reports, the champions of England will dip their toes into the transfer water with links to Bayern Munich’s Thiago Alcântara.

The Reds are far from satisfied with how things have played out towards the end of the campaign, making it safe to call it the restart of the bittersweet ending. Not much to mull over for the Reds except, what did go wrong when it was very wrong.

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With this in mind, it’s not just these fixtures over the restart that have raised many concerns. In other fixtures where Liverpool was unable to put games to bed or when failing in their Champions League quest, it was disputed if Liverpool has a plan B and C.

This question didn’t pop up overnight and certainly has been the only sore point for Jurgen Klopp. Before the forced break the manager came out speaking about the huge gap between the first XI and those coming on from the bench.

The boss felt the gap must be bridged and finding suitable backups will be key for next season’s title-defending challenge. Unfortunately, plans have changed drastically and the kings of England had to rethink their transfer strategy starting with the player in the discussion, Thiago.

The early reports coming from Germany and England proposed Klopp wanted Michael Edwards to bring in the midfielder, Thiago Alcântara. Following shortly after, rumours/reports believed a deal was struck between the two European giants, with the fee said to be around €30m.

Then it all backtracked and it was later discovered the negotiations were far from complete and the fee was too low for what Bayern wants for the player.

Then Thiago dropped the bombshell

The player later came out telling his current owners that he would like to try something new and he will not be renewing any deal to stay in Germany as he sees his future at Anfield working under Jurgen Klopp.

"Thiago sees his future at Liverpool. Thiago has said goodbye to his teammates and the Bavarian club, and spent an evening with some of the players he’s been close to. Bayern are demanding €35M and #LFC only want to offer €25M but an agreement can be agreed. [Via: @LFCTransferRoom]"

This gave strong indications, a deal is close to being completed. However, as things stand, a deal is still far from being announced and the club ae sorting out proceedings at the club with Georginio Wijnaldum’s contract standoff is the main focus for the Liverpool board.

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Important factors to note in this deal

Liverpool will offload a few players this summer with Adam Lallana being one of them. The midfield will be lighter. This is why the Reds have ignited their interest in the Spanish international.

At anywhere between €30m-€35m for a player of Thiago’s calibre is a steal in any market. The Reds want to spend small but gain maximum profits in return. That’s exactly what the Spain international will be, a profitable buy with many returns on the pitch.

This too is a deal we can no longer ask if it will happen but rather when.