Timo Werner “the discussions with the board at Chelsea were so good”

The man that snubbed Liverpool for Chelsea explains why he made the quick switch.

Timo Werner a couple of weeks ago confirmed he will be on the move from RB Leipzig to Chelsea, where he will join forces with Frank Lampard. As of next month, the striker will complete a £45m move.

The player has already made it clear that he wants to travel to Stamford Bridge as soon as he can and will not take part in his now ex-Leipzig team for their next Champions League clash. They are waiting for their date and their potential opponents.

The return of the Champions League is set for August 7 and the Europa League begins the Wednesday prior, the 5th. So it was a big decision to make and must have taken something big to convince Timo not to want to finish what he started with his old club.

The striker has come out to talk about how the Chelsea board and manager, Frank Lampard, were the swaying chips that made him feel at home without even leaving RB Leipzig.

The discussions with the board at Chelsea were so good that I ultimately chose them. Frank Lampard in particular stood behind me and really wanted me to know that if I went to Chelsea, I could feel just as comfortable as I do with Leipzig.

In the conversations with me, the coach often emphasised how much he wanted me, how much he valued me as a person. (Via: standard.co.uk)

Frank a little Jurgen

Frank Lampard is fast becoming a little Jurgen Klopp. He was able to change the mind of one of the most important Reds’ targets this summer. He was able to make Timo cut ties with the Reds while telling him not to choose any other teams to play for, as there were top teams across Europe in for the hitman.

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He is becoming a younger and the English version of Jurgen Klopp. The convincing act was good and proves Frank has a way with the players. If he continues to be this persuasive, he will have Kai Havertz very soon.