Premier League finds a positive case in latest round of mass testing

There were 2,250 tests carried out in the Premier League and only one found positive.

The Premier League carried out mass testing of 2500 coronavirus tests. All came back exactly how it was supposed to except one. A positive test confirms that somebody needs to self isolate for seven days.

There has been no mentioned of the name, as the person remains unknown for obvious reasons. The EPL is already well on its way and the testing is proving to be a great success as long as the number of positives stay down, or do not get picked up at all.

In England, there are still certain places still high risk and the worry is still ripe. The fact they are only finding one out of 2,250 and 19 of the total 14,307 shows a damn good ratio, and that things are a bit safer on the playing field than what is in other parts.

The Premier League can today confirm that between Monday June 22 and Sunday June 28, 2,250 players and club staff were tested for COVID-19. Of these, one person has tested positive. Players or club staff who have tested positive will self-isolate for a period of seven days. (Via: Sky Sports)

The Premier League is well on its way with Crystal Palace and Burnley being the most recent fixture. Ben Mee scored the only goal of the game and afforded the Clarets their second win in as many games following their embarrassing showing against Man City, where they lost 5-0.

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Next up is relegation-threatened Brighton taking on Champions League searching, Man United. It will be the only fixture of the day. The Wednesday after will be four games, one of the heavier fixture days. Thursday will be the last for the week with Friday a break day. Back to full action by the weekend again. A busy weekend to be precise.