Premier League: David Moyes has a dream that one day

David Moyes needs more than a rebuild at the London Stadium.

West Ham has seen their fair share of relegation battles and near escapes over recent years. They have even encountered their fair share of relegations as well. It just hasn’t been a time to be a proud Hammer.

Despite breaking their transfer record multiple times, signing many players with the potential to be world-class, as well as having had the services of Manuel Pellegrini, they have still struggled to make a dent in the Premier League.

West Ham has got a fantastic history but what we want is new history. And I want the chance to build new history, I want the chance to make new history, I want the chance to do something which gives us all a feeling of hope in the future.

But the big thing to do at the moment is to win the next four or five games to make sure that we are Premier League club. I think if we can do that, we can start building new history.

“And I want to be the guy to do it and I want to be the person here to do it. I’ve got a lot of thoughts and a lot of ideas where I want to take the club if I can do. (Via:

It will take a lot more than words

Moyes timing sucks quite frankly. Already having to deal with Liverpool, the Manchester clubs, Arsenal, and Spurs, his dream to become a powerhouse in the Premier League is already tough with them always the bigger favourites for the English crown.

Adding to this out-of-reach dream, Wolves, Sheffield United, and Leicester City are all ahead of West Ham when you consider a surprise gold like the 2016 campaign by Leicester and Claudio Ranieri.

For them to be champions or come close to it, I believe they stand a better chance by getting relegated and then winning the EFL Championship. But this process will see them lose many good players, so it is not a realistic option.


It will be a long build for Moyes. It will take more than new Hammers actually. The London Stadium, the atmosphere inside of it, the mood of the club, everything stands in the way of finding that David Moyes dream and doesn’t say, West Ham.

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Whatever the dream build he better start finding pieces that fit in the meantime so that he can save their Premier League status. They sit one spot adrift off the first drop spot but are equal on points (27) with Bournemouth and Aston Villa, respectively.

Moyes better hope he can keep his club above the drop zone and he gets to do his rebuild starting this summer window.