Liverpool: Jurgen Klopp’s transfer plans spoiling the celebrations

The Reds are going to have another boring transfer window after the manager Jurgen Klopp’s words.

The celebrations will be solely on their Premier League winning campaign and nothing more. The Reds’ boss has announced there will be no summer signings made by his club, so don’t anticipate any big names.

We try to find solutions internally and there is still a lot to come: we have three or four players who can make big steps.

Although, he has made a claim with this that if the window is still open later in the summer, plans could change. But we all know that’s a big BUT. We can see things are not looking financially strong for Liverpool post-COVID-19, as they pulled out of the Werner deal.

Defending their title

With this being said by Klopp, we can imagine it will be a tough time trying to retain their title next season. This is not to say both the Reds of Merseyside and the Blues of Manchester will not be the favourites once again, but rather their counterparts are busy behind closed doors.

They are catching up with the elite duo. Yet, it must be preached, Klopp has always proven to know what he can get out of his full squad. The manager believes he can use what he has, as they have been crowned Premier League champions after all.

So why doubt?

We don’t have a first XI, I say we have a first 16 or 17, they can all play to the same level. But we have to use this, 100 per cent. We cannot spend millions and millions and millions because we want to or we think it is nice to do. We never wanted that. (Via: Sky Sports)

Even though the German believes in this, we saw what happened to Man City this season and how they fell off the wagon after a couple of extremely damaging injury problems. Leroy Sane and Aymeric Laporte are injuries that can be directly pointed at when thinking about the dangers of not reinforcing the numbers at a club.

Hope for youngsters and other Reds

Those who benefit are those who were on the fringe and the youngsters breaking through the ranks at the club. Liverpool has proven to be quite brave this season, deploying full reserve XIs on different cup occasions.

If Liverpool loses key players to long-term injuries as they have in the past, this could be the last Premier League title they see for a while. Yes, players will be leaving but the incomings are looking less and less likely to occur.

It’s going to be another long season for the Anfield club when they attempt the hardest achievement of a champion, protecting the title.