Liverpool: First bid for Adama Traore has been made by the Reds

The champions of England have apparently started on their business for next season.

Liverpool has just been crowned the champions of the Premier League after Man City failed to make them wait longer for their celebrations. A 2-1 loss to Chelsea meant Liverpool win the English crown with seven games left to spare.

They are 23 points clear at the top of the table and there are only 21 points left to play for. After the third game, there was still a worry that the Reds were never going to get the EPL title. Then came December, where they normally would drop points but they didn’t.

Then came a 25 point lead and fewer games left to play out. If there was ever a doubt, it was put to bed each time they stepped up to the plate. The Reds only dropped two points until February, where they lost another three points and endured their first defeat for the season against Watford.

Following long after a double break, not forced and forced, and the Reds dropped their most recent set of points to Everton in a goalless game at Goodison Park. Now that business on the pitch has somewhat reached its climax for Jurgen Klopp and the Merseyside club, they must begin doing the dealings behind closed doors.

Adama Traore on route to Liverpool?

First on the list appears to be Wolves’ sensation, Adama Traore. The winger has been the talk of Wolverhampton and is said to have many offers on the table. One of those offers includes Liverpool.

Adding to the transfer news, it is being reported the Anfield side has made their first bid for the wanted man. In return, it is said Adama’s reps are quite intrigued by the Anfield project and prospect of him joining forces.

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Not many details other than the aforementioned, but enough to know the Reds found one of their priority targets. The only worry is funding and how much Wolves will ask for. If Liverpool pulled out of the Timo Werner race, where are they going to cough up the asking price of £80 plus for Traore?

They need to defend their title next season. No major signings are coming in as per the manager’s words but signings must be made to keep the squad fresh and also add names for quality in depth.