Premier League’s Project Restart continues to heat up – Another day-zero

Nike Merlin ball, Premier League (Photo by PAUL ELLIS/AFP via Getty Images)
Nike Merlin ball, Premier League (Photo by PAUL ELLIS/AFP via Getty Images) /

One case turns into no cases in the sixth round of testing in the Premier League’s Project Restart.

Cheers all-round England as they marked down the sixth round of testing as a major success. The 1,195 players and staff who have been screened for COVID-19 have shown up negative.

The ratio between testing and the number of positive cases confirmed from the first round of tests to the most recent run displays that the restart for Premier League action can happen without any hesitation. So we hope and pray, yes.

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"The Premier League say they tested 1,195 players and club staff for COVID-19 on Thursday 4 June and Friday 5 June.This is the sixth round of testing and the second time there have been zero positives, with just one positive in total in the last three rounds.Since the programme began, the Premier League has now carried out 6,274 tests for COVID-19, with 13 positives and 6,261 negatives. (Via: Sky Sports)"

Good news and good timing for EPL

In the first sets of testing, the highest number of cases were picked up, that was 8 victims. Move on another phase and another couple of confirmed Coronavirus cases were brought forward. Add another and at this point, it was 12 COVID-19 cases identified.

It was only during the fourth round of test-conducting that they announced the first zero-day. Sadly, the bragging rights and celebrations stopped right there and in the fifth round, the one prior to this, North London side, Tottenham, confirmed the only case across the whole land.

It was not the setback needed, yet, it wasn’t too denting to break the stride of something that must take place, and that’s football. We are one week and a few days (10 days) away from what has become the most important day in English football this season.

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The fixtures’ dates and times have been released and all the players, well most, are feeling the excitement, including us waiting to criticise, comment, and appreciate. Re-open day involves four teams, bringing us two fixtures, and hopefully unlimited action.