Premier League Project Restart: It’s a friendly reminder for all teams

Premier League, Manchester City (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)
Premier League, Manchester City (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images) /

All teams were given the next green light, as months of uncertainty turns into 16 days of waiting for English football to return.

How does one contain his excitement when all these things are going on in the Premier League, as well as around Europe? In the same breath, how does one not show compassion for the hardship in the U.S?

Sadly, in some sectors of the earth despair is ripe and affairs outside of football are as bad as when COVID-19 first blew up as a pandemic. The news of friendlies being allowed by the Premier League, couldn’t come at a better time. It exhibits how close they are coming in England and still how far they are behind their cousins, Germany.

"Premier League clubs can stage friendlies against one another in preparation for the restart. Only if they adhere to strict guidelines.Managers were informed on Tuesday morning of the rules. Teams not being allowed to travel more than 90 minutes for matches, while players must drive themselves to the fixtures. Stadiums or training grounds will be subject to a risk assessment and must be refereed by members of the clubs’ coaching staff. (Via:"

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Premier League two thumbs up

Throughout all these improvements on course to Project Restart, the one thing that has stood and remained constant is the players’ safety. The EPL players have always come first, and nothing has changed, even though some of them believe they just “commodities“.

Plans are being put into place. From the playing kits that must be used by them, to them having to travel to the venues individually, all angels are being studied. If it does feel safe, it doesn’t get passed for football and they will try and try again.

Using friendlies to their advantage

It is being said coaches must act as the officials of the practice games. This is to help limit the number of people in one place at a single time. But the call for change is already being made and how they can use this to their advantage.

They are checking how they can get every aspect of the game ready for the next phase, the most important one, full Premier League action. “The referees’ governing body” are the ones who view this as an opportunity to get their team of match officials ready for running up and down a pitch for 90 minutes of pure joy.

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The log leaders were the first of the lot to take a run at a private match. Along with worried West Ham. I’m ready are you ready?