Everybody loves Liverpool because of the boss Jurgen Klopp

It’s kinda hard not to love Jurgen Klopp. It is also becoming normal to admire him and his ways. The only way you would despise him with no real reason is if you are a direct rival.

Who embraces the German the most? Liverpool fans! Who next? The owners, the staff, and the players. How do we know this, everybody shows the respect that is never spoken about but easy to pick up and is an action that speaks louder than words.

It’s almost fair and accurate to say… Even some rival fans love what Klopp is about. No nonsense, what you see is what you get, type of guy. However, there are the lot who will never grow close to sending the Reds’ boss heart emojis just because he is a German scouser and true to Anfield.

How times have changed

Is it becoming boring now that every player has nothing bad to say about Klopp and are willing to wait it out to prove their loyalty to him? No, it’s not. It’s actually quite amazing to watch. From his first signing to the last incoming, they have never been disappointed about their choice made to sign for the English giants.

Sadio Mane joined and is loving life since doing so. A monumental figure of Virgil van Dijk’s statue found it easy to snub top draw offers and sit on the bench, jeopardise his future as a baller, all to get a chance to play under Jurgen.

He is, up till today, still happy with his preference. The next is a more recent fella, who is on the move but like van Dijk has made it clear it’s Anfield or a known field, which is where home is now at this time. That player, Timo Werner.

Now Mbappe comes out talking highly of the English club and their outstanding boss, Jurgen. Why do they not just put their name on a signboard with the words, “come get me please” on it? But I guess these type of messages with code in between is what supplies the drama in football.

Mbappe loves Klopp and Liverpool’s style

This season, Liverpool have been a machine in the Premier League. They have made winning look easy but the truth is that it is never easy. Performances like they have been having don’t just happen.

To be as ruthless as they have been would come from lots of hard work in training and from having a very good manager. (Via: thisisanfield.com)

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It took Liverpool a lot of Frank de Boer hirings to finally land what could be their Sir Alex Ferguson of the Premier League era. Now the Klopp effect sends out so many vibes, every player wants to get in on the action.

There is no denying, FSG will struggle to get a worthy replacement in straight after Klopp has left but judging by how they are managing the club, Klopp could be grooming his successor in this time already.