Premier League: Another development in Project Restart – Turning 20 into 17

Premier League club, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal (Photo by Visionhaus)
Premier League club, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal (Photo by Visionhaus) /

By unanimous decision, teams have voted for contact training to be implemented as the Premier League Project Restart arrives at phase two. Another feat surprisingly met, the league’s reinstallation date has been brought forward.

This is rather exciting news coming from the Premier League, however, the excitement is still welcomed apprehensively and with hesitation. As the year gets older and the month of May draws to an end, the news coming from England grows more positive amidst all things COVID-19.

The news was depressing at first when the week started with the affirmation of new positive cases picked up in the testing strategy of the EPL’s Project Restart (PR). Thankfully, data improved and better agreements are being struck. News of infections turned into news the clubs have “unanimously” agree on going forward and hitting the next phase, contact training.

EPL: Don’t sleep news changes promptly

A new day and new talks took place. Better conversations were held. More fecund reports arose. The Premier League restart was drawn for an earlier date, moving the reboot from the 20th to the 17th of June. Of the lot, the brave leading the way and starting off proceedings will be the games in hand.

The first set of EPL fixtures

Aston Villa vs. Sheffield United 
Manchester City vs. Arsenal

More from Premier League

"Premier League Shareholders today agreed to a new provisional restart date for the 2019/20 season of Wednesday 17 June, provided that all safety requirements are in place.Aston Villa v Sheffield United and Manchester City v Arsenal – postponed due to the EFL Cup Final – will now take place on 17 June, followed by a full match round beginning on Friday 19 June. Due to COVID-19, games will take place behind closed doors. (Via:"

Nonetheless, there are major cautions plus big concerns while we must admit it is far from safe. This, after learning more positive COVID cases was picked up in the next round of testing amid the positive vibes going around.

To say the mass testing program by the FA was not successful would be far from the truth. In fact, it was so successful, it worked well enough to find some cases of COVID-19 among Premier League players, making them feel at ease that there is a small percentage of active Coronavirus numbers.

French Ligue 1: Let’s take it to court!

Let’s all remember while we criticise the English Premier League for trailing behind the German Bundesliga and the Spanish La Liga, the French Ligue 1 is no more. And because of this, they are being taken to court and finding it hard to get over the 2019-2020 campaign’s resolutions.

As per reports, the case will go to “France’s highest administrative court with Lyon leading the charge to overturn the ruling”. This is exactly what happens when ending proceedings prematurely rather than actually waiting it out till the coast is clear.

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So wary we must be, excited we must remain, and jubilation is what we must show. We are barely out of the woods and must continue to hope they find ways to get to the remaining Premier League matchdays over the finish line. As we can see… it could be a lot worst.