Premier League: Setback after setback ahead of Project Restart

Wolverhampton, England (Photo by Wolverhampton Wanderers FC/Getty Images)
Wolverhampton, England (Photo by Wolverhampton Wanderers FC/Getty Images) /

Things are not looking great for the Premier League’s Project Restart. Another two clubs confirm positive COVID-19 tests in the second round of mass testing.

The Premier League has undergone their second round of mass testing in their bid to restart the 2019-2020 campaign. The first testing run was a successful one but still verified six Premier League members (players and none playing staff) were found to have the coronavirus.

After teams successfully concluded their first outdoor training using social distancing measures and limited numbers per sessions, the next round of COVID-19 tests took place, as per the Project Restart testing plan. Much like the first procedure, the next series of tests picked up two new cases. This is not the news the league needed with earlier restart dates pushed back twice already.

What good can be taken from this news? Only that there are four less affirmed incidents compared to the first findings. That’s about it. Other than this, a restart is looking doubtful for June 20. There is no glass half full view in this one. Hopefully, the third testing session set for Monday is the most successful and there are zero more infections discovered.

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"Eight positive cases returned from 1,744 tests conducted across two rounds. A total of 996 tests were carried out in the second run of mass testing, with the number of tests available to each club increased from 40 to 50.All 20 clubs have now carried out two rounds of testing, with clubs due to take part in a third round on Monday and Tuesday. So far, eight positive tests have been returned out of a total of 1,744 tests conducted in the first two rounds, which equates to 0.45 per cent of the tests coming back positive. (Via: Sky Sports)"

The Premier League is falling behind

While the English struggle to secure a clear course of testing in their second go at it, the German Bundesliga is already almost two matchdays down. If the Premier League does not restart, it would be a major embarrassment to English football and the country.

The Spanish La Liga was set to reopen after the English Top Flight but have now put forward an early date, June 8, for the resumption of domestic action. The dates have changed from June 1 to June 20 in a matter of days/weeks for the Premier League.

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They are falling behind their European counterparts. Yes, there’s little to almost nothing you can do about the confirmed COVID-19 cases, except try their best to keep preventing more from contracting the virus. Preparations will always remain key.