Werner to Liverpool: Mixed opinions coming from the possible transfer

How often has Liverpool hit miss in the transfer window? When you take all their transfers under Jurgen Klopp, it’s safe to assume they’ve had the most success in consecutive transfer windows.

If Liverpool is in for Timo Werner (which they probably are) and they do beat all rivals to his signature, would the forward suit Jurgen Klopp and his game plan at Anfield? Many have pegged him to join the Reds and that’s because the duo are a match made in heaven.

Well, there is a player, another German legend, a former Liverpool man who feels it would be a mistake for the pair to pair up. This because he believes Klopp already has in his possession the most lethal front three in the world.

There is no coming in and disturbing the front three. He is right by this point. However, they need competition and he needs to unlock his greatest potential. Jurgen is the manager for that job and Liverpool players are the ones who will provide world-class contestants and aid your game, exceptionally.

I’m not too sure [about it]. Today in the papers, they’re saying that he doesn’t want to go to Bayern Munich. He’s always expressed how fond he is of Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool, the club that he maybe wants to join.

But the thing with Liverpool is you’ve probably got the best front three in world football. If you play out wide for Liverpool, even though the full-backs like to go on the overlap, Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane are both very tricky players, they are very skillful and Werner is not that type of player.

Another point he brought up is the player’s style of play and how you get the best out of him. Time and space are what Timo needs to unleash his killer instincts, according to the Liverpool legend Dietmar Hamann.

As per his words, teams try to cut out all the space for Liverpool in the final third, the section where he thrives on space. If he leads the line, he will be starved of this, giving Hamann the idea he will not be a successful buy for the Merseysiders.

His biggest asset by far is his pace and if I watch games now, even at Anfield, with Liverpool being so superior to most teams, most of them sit back and if you deny Werner space, he’s a lot less effective. (Via: Sky Sports)

So Liverpool has both Mane and Salah, who are two players up there as a couple of the fastest players in the league. Both have an excellent burst of pace, as well as great long-distance endurance at high speeds.

They score consistently for Liverpool. They were both Golden Boot winners last season. The two have been involved in 52 goals for Klopp this season in both the Premier League and Champions League.

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His point is flawed about Timo Werner

Quite frankly, Dietmar Hamann lost the plot with this prediction. If Werner was anything like Dominic Solanke I would 100% be behind his opinion. But the forward has many traits similar to Mane, Salah, and other players at the club.

Liverpool relies on fast players with a work rate of a defensive midfielder. He had a fruitful partnership with Naby Keita when the two were at RB Leipzig together. Where in the world would he get the idea he wouldn’t fit with all the aforementioned in mind?