Liverpool will not sell Naby Keita in the summer – He is too important Klopp

Word has it, Liverpool is contemplating on selling Naby Keita after two seasons of little joy. However, at 25-years-old and costing £52.75 million would the Reds really consider the sale?

It’s being a testing time for “Naby Lad“, as he’s referred to by his teammates, who all appear to be in good spirit. The acclimatization from Germany to England was not easy for the African player, with the language barrier said to be the most difficult to overcome for him.

Since joining the Reds the Guinean has seen a stop, start run into what’s supposed to be their Premier League title-winning season. Injuries have been the key factor in his intermitted track record.

In his time at Anfield, he has featured 44 times in the Premier League and Champions League combined, scoring five goals and assisting two goals. This return from the player is below par and apparently not acceptable to some.

With all this going on, many have come to call Keita a dud and it’s time for him to move on. That and his transfer fee of £52.75m was way more than what he is worth because of his so-called failure.

But when you think about the Anfield club and their business practice, this doesn’t sound like their type of work. There are many reasons that counter the thought of a Naby sale and here are the most prominent for them.

Reasons why they won’t sell in the summer

The first reason is the African player’s age. Naby is only 25-years-old and has always been a long-term investment for the club.

A club who signs a player and then sends him back out on loan, wait a full season for him and plays roulette with his transfer fee from the club they acquired him from, RB Leipzig, will not let go of that player easily.

The next reason, we must not forget Liverpool with Klopp and Brendan Rodgers before that put up with Daniel Sturridge for seven years (2013-2020). Where will they sell a player with loads of talent for less than what they’ve signed him for after keeping the English striker on for so long?

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Another reason the Reds will be unwilling to offload the midfielder is because of all the other players in Jurgen’s squad able to play multiple positions. There is cover in the meantime while they are very much on track to getting the silverware they have set out for during the reign of Klopp.

The other reason that could be a supporting factor is the potential arrival of Timo Werner to Liverpool. If he is heading off to Anfield, the Naby-Werner combo is too desirable to miss out on. The duo did damage in the Bundesliga together and could repeat it all Anfield.