Arsenal: Mikel Arteta returned but no training amid COVID-19 problems

Arsenal has cancelled their return to training with the coronavirus pandemic not changing. No modification of a new date has been mentioned as of yet.

Arsenal was one of few clubs who scheduled the 23rd of this month as the return date for training. Sadly, since there has been no change in the current COVID-19 conditions, the Gunners have stopped the resumption of training.

The Premier League is set to restart at the end of April but judging by reports of training being pushed back or cancelled altogether for all clubs, we will indefinitely see a new return date come into play.

There are no limited constrains on when domestic leagues must end/complete after initially stating they must be concluded by the June 1. Clearly all are new to this worldwide experience and the primary date was overshooting by a long distance.

Arsenal have cancelled plans to resume training on Tuesday, telling players to remain at home because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Arsenal said in a statement: “Our men’s first-team players were scheduled to return to training on Tuesday after completing 14 days isolation following Mikel Arteta‘s positive diagnosis for the virus.

“As a result of the current situation we are clear it would be inappropriate and irresponsible to ask players to come back at this time. Therefore our men’s first team, women and academy players are all remaining at home.

“Stay at home and save lives.” (Via: Sky Sports)

Bigger precautions for a side with big COVID-19 threats

Overturning the decision to start on the 23rd was due to Arsenal’s initial scares and early infections. Manager Mikel Arteta has recently just returned from being an infected victim of the Coronavirus.

To risk others, including himself after they’ve already had some cases would just be a dumb move by all involved in the decision-making (rest and sacrifice now for a brighter and safer tomorrow, I always say).

As the UK faces the prospect of a total lockdown, Arsenal now say it would be “inappropriate and irresponsible to ask players to come back at this time”.

Arsenal gave an update on Arteta last week, saying the Spaniard is “feeling much better” and is back planning for the remainder of the season as well as speaking to his players.

Spanish football has been cancelled by the government

Sky Sports have also reported the Spanish government has suspended La Liga with immediate effect. According to reports, only Turkey’s Super League continues to take place while others in Europe get ready for a total shutdown.

This gives more evidence to how the return date could very well be premature. Teams must have a substantial amount of days to train before heading back onto the playing pitch for 90 minutes of relentless running.

Imagine you were Liverpool or the team who must play them? It would be like a late fitness test for all involved.