The Premier League is looking long-term with COVID-19 scenario in mind

The Premier League is said to be seeking the help of experts and calling on clubs to open the discussion on the way forward, and how they could better prep for a crisis such as the Coronavirus.

The English Premier League is looking to the future after loads of confusion during the 2019-2020 campaign came to a sudden pause. Planning for a better outcome is key in these meetings between EPL officials and clubs.

As inferred by Swanson of Sky Sports, this is not to find a solution immediately, but rather have more opinions on the table to know where they all are in the discussion. We all know, one thought is better than none, and many thoughts are better than one.

Precautions. Proaction. Preparation for the worst. This is all they could ever be in a case such as COVID-19.

Why the Premier League looks ahead

Before it was decided the EPL would continue at the end of April, there was apparent unrest after the news football would come to an abrupt end. It was unsure what would happen to teams fighting for relegation or a European spot, or even the title in any competition.

Not so much those who were surely prepping for demotion, but those a point away from safety, or a point above the drop. What would happen to clubs such as Leeds and West Brom? What happens with their promotion?

Does Liverpool get handed the title? Should it stay in Manchester and the season just get’s abandoned? No stat, pass, nor point will be registered. They were a pair of games away from officially being named champions of England, yet, they had 10 games remaining before the season was officially over.

How could anything be decided with such uncertainly looming over the world’s best sports? Thankfully, everybody is working hard behind the scene to make sure football can continue when hit hard like this.

Stay proactive

You cannot stop something if you have no idea of what is the threat. Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has occurred, procedures, plans, and new a resolution can be made. As per Sky Sports and other outlets, the public’s safety is first on the list of priorities.

This is a clear indication there will be a lot of development on this soon. Even the dates of when the Premier League will kick-start again might change and be pushed further backed.