Liverpool: No more signings for Jurgen Klopp – No problem for the fans

Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool made one signing during the January window and it came extremely early. Probably the only team not worried about adding any new names.

Liverpool completed their business early and went quiet immediately after. Business for the Anfield side was clearly not a priority as each piece of Jurgen Klopp’s puzzle appears to be in place. Takumi Minamino was the last and only name added to the Reds’ roster.

Before the season kicked off, it was strongly suggested Klopp’s side would not be able to withstand the demand of the 2019-2020 campaign. Making it even worse, Klopp went one bolder and made no first-team signings during the summer.

Considering they had the Premier League to fight for, the Champions League to defend, domestic cups to take part in, and an extra two cup competitions to worry about. The words were certain doom was coming and Liverpool was expected to fall short of something once again. That something, the Premier League title.

Move on 24 matchdays and Liverpool’s running the show

The Reds are 19 points clear at the summit of the Premier League standings and prevail as the only undefeated side in the league. In the running to defend their Champions League title still, as well as crown Club World Cup champions. Klopp literally put any scepticism on him to rest.

The team Klopp has used four years to put together has opposed each test thrown at them. They’ve mastered the art of winning or nothing at all. One draw from 24 EPL games played is nothing short of outstanding for Jurgen’s side.

The fans are peaceful and happy

Of all the fans in the world, Liverpool lived through some of the toughest transfer windows, summer and winter, September or January. Big names would be mentioned, but then the Anfield public would watch their main target join a rival team.

Gone are these days. So much so, the Liverpool fans don’t even moan about their club not making any signings. All this proves, if the management is 100% functional on top, everything under will work at a 100% rate.

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Klopp let the results and performances do the talking, and gave his boys the pitch to deliver the goods. Every week they deliver. Klopp has changed the whole world’s opinion about the Reds. But he has successfully turned Liverpool fans from doubters into believers.