Inter and Conte nearly complete their rejected Premier League XI

The deal for Olivier Giroud is in its final stages now and all we are waiting for is the final publication from Inter Milan.

Olivier Giroud is the latest player on route to join forces with his old Chelsea boss, Antonio Conte. He will move over in what’s said to be a deal worth £5 million, plus add ons. This move was long overdue and certainly has to happen now.

The World Cup winner has fallen down the order in selection and needs to enjoy some minutes on the pitch, as he reaches the latter stages of his time as a professional footballer. He is 33-years-old and is clearly not a plan of the Frank Lampard regime.

Giroud’s time in England

His time in England as a player was a fruitful one. He made a combined total of 326 showings for both Arsenal and Chelsea. In this time he scored 125 and further assisted another 48. Although it has to be stated… His time at Chelsea, he only scored five and assisted five.

He’s been in the Premier League for 10 seasons, seven of them with the former and other three with the latter. A natural goal scorer plus poacher is what you get with Olivier. He will be remembered for some brilliant goals scored in the Premier League, especially his scorpion kick goal, which he received a FIFA PUSKAS award back in 2017 for.

So now is the time to drop the curtain on his life in England’s Top Flight and start what’s probably the final chapter in his footballing life.

Conte’s Premier League rejected XI

Those who once were great foes will stand United and fight in fellowship under a new flag, the Nerazzurri’s flag. Will they succeed in the new Italian Serie A battle? It is the retirement league. Even Christiano Ronaldo left Real Madrid to retire in Italy.

However, it’s a high level of retirement for the man who has won five Ballon d’Or awards. Anyway, back to the team in discussion, Inter. Their manager, who has them two points off first first-placed Juventus is on a mission to make his own little Premier League rejected XI.

When the transfer is finally exposed to the globe, he will join a player he has shared a dressing room with (Alexis Sánchez) and one he was opposed to (Romelu Lukaku) for a long run in the EPL. If all goes well, there are more to follow. Ashley Young is one player who has previously mentioned he will not be resigning with the Old Trafford club, opting to sign for Inter instead.

The last to join (hopefully for Conte) is Christian Eriksen. He has been searching for an exit from Tottenham for almost a whole season. Even with Jose Mourinho at the club, he still feels his heart lies elsewhere in Europe. And at this point, Inter is the preferred destination.

Conte must have been planning this for some time now, considering the total players will be five players from the EPL. That, or he could be beating it out on FIFA Ultimate Team and this team won him the most coins in his FIFA career. Either way, he is stirring the pot in Italy and what he’s cooking up is something that could go for glory on all fronts.