Antonio Conte still Laughs out loud while Chelsea cries out blue murder

The man running the show in his hometown Italy is the one who laughs last. Chelsea admits Conte sacking cost them the most of the lot.

The man who holds one of the best Premier League records (only manager to win the English Premier League in his maiden season) gives his previous club sleepless nights after the two split back in 2018. And it’s because of this split, their insomnious nights will not go away for a while.

Chelsea have announced they paid out more than £26m over the sacking of Antonio Conte, a figure revealed in accounts which also show the club received an increase in funding of £247m from Roman Abramovich, the owner, during the last financial year.

The club’s accounts showed they paid a total of £26.6m in compensation and legal costs to Conte and their former manager’s backroom staff. Chelsea, who have made overall losses of £96m and seen their annual wage bill rise by 17% to £285m, fired the Italian and replaced him with Maurizio Sarri in the summer of 2018 (via: The Guardian).

Since the Italian stallion with a toupee left Stamford Bridge there has already been two new men come and take up the vacant seat left by Conte. His successor Maurizio Sarri came in and took Chelsea to where they needed to be, and collected some silverware on the way.

After gaining the London side access back into the Champions League with a top-four finish and collecting the Europa Cup with a victory over London rivals Arsenal, Sarri then followed in the footsteps of his predecessor and joined forces with Christiano Ronaldo at Juventus.

After this Italian took leave from the Bridge following a one-season hit, club hero and legend Frank Lampard stepped in and took over. A new look and new ways have them playing some of the best football in the league.

It has also helped them to 4th in the Premier League table.  This alone proves the Blues have moved on from the Conte era and are well within their goal sets for the 2019-2020 campaign. However, losing money makes most sad, especially Chelsea and Roman Abramovich.

So after all the drama in the Conte saga, the man who was left out to dry is the one laughing out the loudest, along with his backroom staff.