English Premier League: Huddersfield make a good start with Wagner extension

It was only a matter of time before the small side from Huddersfield extended the stay of David Wagner, the man who managed the impossible.

The most doubted of the lot gets a second shot in the big leagues during the season of 2018-2019. And what better way to do so with the man who arranged the second date in their first audition.

The Terriers started off as one of the best starters during last season’s run. They impressed beyond their normal and standard, bottom-of-the-table clashes and pulled off shockers against some of the big six in The Top Flight.

During this time of prestigiousness, Wagner was the mastermind of an amazing achievement as the Terriers beat, on the day favourites, Manchester United. What more could you ask for in your maiden season? From their first match (0-3 victory away over Crystal Palace) David and his men gave the impression they here to stay.

The rocky road that followed the silky start

The sleek, steam run Huddersfield went on was followed by a menacing middle stage, filled with inconsistent results. What looked to just be a difficult period of too much end-of-year fun, turned into an entertaining end.

This contributed to the Terriers rocky run, that lasted for a season. Wagner’s men best performance came when they needed to get a result against another English giant and the team who were the previous champions, Chelsea.

What made it even more special is the fact, the Stamford Bridge side was playing in the comfort of the own backyard and had as big a fight to fight. They needed to win to secure a Champions League spot. Well we all know how that went down and who achieved what on the night. These two mentions were just some of David’s success as a manager.

Contract extension for the man at the helm

Since being with the Terriers, way back in the days of the Championship, Wagner was the man who brought them up and followed up with a touch down in the end zone to keep them in the Premier League.

This is deserving of a renewal for the German-American. The board has extended his stay till 2021, adding another three years to his tenure. Life after being Klopp’s assistant bares its fruits and long may it continue for both, him and his Huddersfield side.

They have a huge ask in trying to stay up for a second consecutive season. Let’s see if they can ride the wave out for a second time.