English Premier League: Welcome Back Cardiff City

After being relegated in 2014, Cardiff City are back and have a team worthy of the Premier League. The competition won’t be easy but the Welsh side is ready for the challenge.

Even though both Wolverhampton and Cardiff City are being promoted to the Premier League, this is where the similarities end. In a previous article it was stated that the Wolves have a play-style similar to Manchester City. Well, Cardiff is more like the red side of Manchester.

At 69 goals this year, Cardiff has scored less than 18th place Hull City. They also do not have a player in the top 20 in terms of goals scored. Callum Paterson and Gary Madine are their most proficient goal scorers with just 10 apiece. So how is it possible that the Bluebirds are now on their way to The Top Flight?

To put it simply, they have a brick wall of a defense. Cardiff City has allowed only 39 goals this season – only Wolverhampton has been as successful. In any given game, all four Bluebird defenders could be over 6′ tall (1.83m.)

These giants include Sol Bamba and Sean Morrison. They physically dominate opposing sides and will no doubt do the same to Premier League competition.

Callum Paterson (mentioned earlier) is also a big help in attacking. This is largely thanks to the fact that Cardiff gets its goals through crosses and set pieces.

The Bluebirds successful campaign

The Bluebirds have enjoyed a successful campaign in the 2017/2018 Championship season. Even though they had arguably the best defense in the league, they also managed to pull off late wins in many games. This is what helped them have the longest winning streak with 8 matches.


Manager Neil Warnock will not be given quite the same amount of money this offseason as he enjoyed in previous years. Warnock was fine with this revelation stating, “[The owner is] not going to go like he did last time, he wants to be sensible.” Still, Cardiff City will look to sign economically, priced players and will prove to be a strong side in the Premier League next season.

Warnock’s style of play will be put to the test. There is no monster like the Premier League. The English way has suffered for years. Sitting back and soaking up phases and phases of pressure has its results. However, when you come against world beaters like Manchester City and others – you will surely be put to the test.