Will There Be Another Jamie Vardy? Yes…Probably More Than One

Jamie Vardy. Credit Wikimedia Commons https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Jamie_Vardy_08_sierpnia_2015.jpg).
Jamie Vardy. Credit Wikimedia Commons https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Jamie_Vardy_08_sierpnia_2015.jpg). /

The arrival of Jamie Vardy in English football has opened up the possibility of lower-league players making a huge impact in the topflight. With strikers in particular at a premium, big clubs are having to scour the lower leagues for potential lost talent.

With England’s academy system far from perfect, many young hopefuls are being thrown into the non-league before even getting a chance to prove themselves in the first-team. Very few then manage to navigate the lower tiers of the footballing period to make it in the big leagues but this stat seems to be changing.

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The likes of Chris Smalling, Jamie Vardy and Rickie Lambert are but a few of the hardy individuals who have forged a successful career in football where once it seemed impossible. They are, or have been vital members of their Premier League side and have all have earned international recognition for their efforts.

So, yes, the lower leagues are packed with talent and Premier League clubs are only now being to recognise it. The question is, who from the lower leagues could make it in the big time? Here are a few suggestions:

Andre Gray- Burnley

Credit: Burnley Facebook
Credit: Burnley Facebook /

This lad is scoring goals for fun in the Championship. His raw physical attributes would lend perfectly to the Premier League and, with a bit of guidance, this young striker could be the next big thing to rise from the non-league.

After initially being dropped from Shrewsbury, Gray plied his trade with lowly Hinckley United. His talents were spotted after 2 years by Luton who signed the forward in 2012.

Subsequent moves to Brentford and then Burnley has seen Gray climb the footballing pyramid and he is now poised to make the next step up into the Premier League. Question is, which club will take the risk and sign such a promising player.

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Nakki Wells- Huddersfield

Credit: Huddersfield Town Facebook
Credit: Huddersfield Town Facebook /

After moving to the UK from Bermuda, Wells has worked hard at becoming the professional player he always wanted to be. His road certainly hasn’t been an easy one. A year at Eccleshill United begun his rise to prominence.

He now plays for Huddersfield Town after impressing many top flight clubs during Bradford’s League Cup run in the 2012/13 season.

Many have compared Wells to Jermaine Defoe, for his slight build and eagerness to run in-behind the defence. Such a comparison will come as a huge compliment to Wells who looks set to make a successful career in football.

Kristian Dennis- Macclesfield Town 

Macclesfield Town Facebook
Credit: Macclesfield Town Facebook /

Who you might say? Even the most dedicated football fans might not have heard of our next player, but make no mistake, Kirstian Dennis is certainly known in non-league football. Playing for Macclesfield Town, in the National Conference League, Dennis is scoring goals for fun.

Much like Vardy did, Dennis is attracting attention from clubs further up the pyramid and there is no sign of the striker dipping in form. Currently on loan from Stockport County, Dennis has scored 20 goals so far for Macclesfield, the club which had dropped him in 201o.

He may be 25, but the forward is playing well below his standard in the Conference, so a bigger club is surely bound to give him a chance.

It will be certainly be interesting to see what happens to Dennis in the next couple of years….