Where Next For David Moyes?

David Moyes (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)
David Moyes (Credit: Wikimedia Commons) /

Since leaving the safety of Goodison, David Moyes has had a torrid time in management. His ill-fated stay at Manchester United can only be seen as a failure and is subsequent job at Real Sociedad was no more successful. Moyes must secretly regret leaving Everton, a club where he felt loved and supported by the fans. He now faces a difficult period where he must try re-build his managerial career.

So where will Moyes end up? Ideally, I’m sure he will want to return to England. His preferred style of play is better suited to English game and he will feel more comfortable in a league that he’s experienced for many years. However, his sacking seems to have come slightly too late with vacant Premiership positions now filled. Both Sunderland and Aston Villa were looking to recruit earlier this month, two projects where Moyes could have worked his magic. Therefore, we take a look at two possible destinations for Moyes, should he want a quick return back to football.


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Moyes must be tired of the pressures which come with managing such famous clubs. At United, the pressure was relentless and the Spanish press hardly gave the Scott an easy time during his short reign. Moyes could be forgiven for wanting to take a slightly quieter job. With Fulham being in the Championship, Moyes could start to rebuild his career whilst going slightly under the radar.

The club is also currently in a re-building phase too and this lends itself to Moyes’ ideology. He’s an advocate for building strong foundations at a club, allowing it to become both consistent and successful. He had a huge part to play in making Everton such a dangerous force in the Premier League and Toffee’s are still feeling the benefits from their former manager’s reign. The youth that was nurtured under David Moyes is now beginning to flourish under Martinez.


Swansea City
Garry Monk – Flickr Creative Commons /

Now this role is currently held by Gary Monk and I am by no means suggesting he should be sacked. However, in today’s climate a manager is never safe when their team is losing. Swansea’s form has been poor of late, especially when you compare it to recent seasons. The job that Gay Monk has done has been truly remarkable and he has the support of a loyal and passionate chairman.

Despite this, you never know. Rumours have been circulated that Swansea are looking elsewhere and surely Moyes would be top of their list. The Welsh club are looking to break back into Europe and the former Everton man certainly knows how to do that. Football is a ruthless sport sometimes so a manager’s job is rarely safe, especially when big names become available. 

With a surplus of experienced managers unemployed and with a shortage of clubs looking to hire, Moyes may have to wait for his next managerial position. His other option is to take a job abroad, countries such as Japan, Qatar and India are always on the look-out for big name mangers who have dropped down from the Premier League. However, this wouldn’t be a wise move for such a promising young manager. It may be best to take a break from the limelight, recharge his batteries and wait for that dream Premier League job to become available.

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