Chelsea FC Kickstarting Campaign With Win Against Arsenal FC

Arsenal 1-0 Chelsea during the 2015 Community Shield
Arsenal 1-0 Chelsea during the 2015 Community Shield /

The latest 2-0 victory against Arsenal FC gave Chelsea FC the boost they needed in this season’s Premier League campaign. After a dreadful start with four points in five games, the Blues finally found their rhythm in their first home win in a league game.

The highly anticipated London derby did not disappoint. Both teams were going at it against each other for the full 90 minutes. Chelsea FC had a few chances in the first half while Arsenal FC had a couple of good runs. It was clear from the start that the home team had the upper hand.

Back in form

Chelsea FC ended the game with 67% of possession, and that’s not just because the Gunners had just nine men on the field. The Blues were efficient with the ball, especially in the attacking third. However, they couldn’t find enough space to attempt a dangerous shot due to the tight defending of their rivals.

With Oscar returning to the side, the Blues were rejuvenated. The Brazilian playmaker contributed crucial tackles and passes in the early stages of the match. Chelsea FC definitely relied on him to be a game-changer.

Diego Costa’s Success

Diego Costa was labelled “a criminal” by most pundits and players. Arsene Wenger claimed that he should have received two red cards for rough encounters with Laurent Koscielny.

Any defender who has played with the likes of Diego Costa would know that this is how the striker plays. He provokes defenders into roughhousing with him to invoke a card. It seems that Gabriel Paulista has yet to learn this.

The Arsenal defender was booked for shoving Diego Costa, while the Brazilian-born Spanish striker was given a booking as well. The latter seemed to have muttered something in Portuguese as Gabriel Paulista tracked back closely behind him before flicking his foot against Diego Costa.

Referee Mike Dean was right there to witness the act and immediately sent the defender off at the stroke of half time. Diego Costa 1-0 Defenders.

Eden Hazard Revitalized

This game saw Eden Hazard getting more involved in the attack as compared to all the previous games he has featured in. The Belgian winger was able to find spaces to dribble numerous times throughout the match. His balance and control proved to be a big challenge for the opposition defenders.

His first goal of the season came from a wicked deflection on Callum Chambers. Eden Hazard attempted to curl a ball towards the top corner of Petr Cech’s net. Callum Chambers got in the way and sent the ball in the opposite direction of the goal. The official ruling credited the Chelsea FC man for the goal.

Arsenal FC: Loss of Emotional Control

Gabriel Paulista’s sending off definitely played a huge role in the loss. Arsene Wenger admitted that the defender should not have reacted the way that he did. To make matters worse, Santi Cazorla went in for a dangerous tackle against Cesc Fabregas. A second yellow card was shown for a reckless challenge, decimating the Arsenal FC team to just nine men with 10 minutes to play.

Alexis Sanchez and Theo Walcott had a couple of chances in the beginning to take the lead. However, neither of them were able to fend off the pressure applied by the Chelsea FC defenders. The first half was a close match, but it all went downhill for them after the sending off. There was no imminent danger in the attack by Arsenal FC in the second half.

What was your highlight of the match?

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