David De Gea Saga Caused a Clash of the Titans

Can Real Madrid secure the signing of Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea after failing to complete the move last night? Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports
Can Real Madrid secure the signing of Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea after failing to complete the move last night? Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports /

Two of the richest clubs in the world are locked in a frenzy after the transfer breakdown of David De Gea.

According to Forbes, Real Madrid holds first place for the most valuable club in the world at $3.26 billion. Manchester United trail slightly behind at $3.10 billion. Recently, the two titans clashed in a heated debate over the supposed transfer of Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea.

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On transfer deadline day, the two clubs reached an agreement for the move that would cost Real Madrid £29 million and goalkeeper Keylor Navas. However, the transfer did not go through due to late paperwork submissions by Manchester United to the Liga de Futbol Profesional office. Some would expect either club to submit an appeal, but it looks like David De Gea might be stuck in Old Trafford at least until January.

Real Madrid released a statement in their website entitled “Official Announcement” right after the deadline day closed on September 1, listing 10 points regarding the transfer situation.

"1.- Manchester United did not open any channel of negotiation over the federative rights of David de Gea until yesterday morning.2.- Real Madrid, despite the difficulties entailed in carrying out a deal of these characteristics on the final day of registration, agreed to begin these talks.3.- When Manchester United agreed to negotiate yesterday morning, they made it subject to reaching an agreement with Real Madrid’s Keylor Navas for the player to join the British club from this season, and stated that they were in contact with the aforementioned player’s representatives.4.- Real Madrid and Manchester United quickly reached an agreement for the transfers of both players. Following the drawing up of the relevant contractual documentation required, and with the purpose of proceeding with enough time to process both FIFA’s Transfer Matching System (TMS) and the registration with the Liga de Fútbol Profesional, Real Madrid sent Manchester United the contracts at 13.39 Spanish time.5.- Manchester United sent their remarks regarding the aforementioned contracts eight hours later, at 21.43 Spanish time, including minor modifications. As these modifications were not significant, they were all accepted immediately by Real Madrid, with the intention of being able to register the player on time both via the TMS and with the Liga de Fútbol Profesional.6.- Real Madrid, having obtained the signatures of the players De Gea and Keylor Navas, sent the British club the aforementioned signed contracts at 23:32 Spanish time, before waiting to receive the final documents signed by Manchester United.7.- Manchester United reached a final agreement with the representatives of Keylor Navas at 23:53 Spanish time, and it is at this point that the contracts were sent to the player to be signed.8.- Manchester United entered the details of the David de Gea deal, not those of Keylor Navas, at 00:00 Spanish time, simultaneously sending Real Madrid the signed transfer contracts. Real Madrid received this complete documentation at 00:02 and attempted to access the TMS, but it was now closed.9.- At 00:26 Spanish time, FIFA’s TMS invited Real Madrid to fill out the details of the player David de Gea, as the period of registration in England remains open until today. Real Madrid, given the possibility of an administrative dispute over the player’s transfer, decided to send the contracts to the Liga de Fútbol Profesional, despite the knowledge that the deadline had passed.10.- In short, Real Madrid did everything necessary at all times to complete both transfers.(Source: Real Madrid)"

Following the release, Manchester United released a statement of their own on their website on the same day. They shifted the blame to Real Madrid.

"– Manchester United did not seek contact from Real Madrid for the sale of David. David is a key member of our squad and the club’s preference was not to sell.– No offer was received for David until yesterday.– At lunchtime yesterday, Real Madrid made its first offer to buy David. A deal was agreed between the clubs, which included Navas being transferred to Old Trafford. The deals were dependent on each other.– In the last several hours of the process, with Navas at the Real Madrid training ground, Real Madrid were controlling the documentation processes of David, Navas and Real Madrid. Manchester United was in control only of the documentation of Manchester United.– Manchester United sent transfer documents for both players to Real Madrid at 20:42 BST. David’s documentation was returned by Real Madrid to Manchester United without the signatory page at 22:32 BST.– At 22:40 BST, minutes before the deadline, major changes to the documentation came through to Manchester United which immediately put the deals at risk.– Only at 22:55 BST were the documents that are needed to cancel David’s contract received by Manchester United from Real Madrid.– At this point Navas’ documentation was still not returned by Real Madrid.– At 22:58 BST, the transfer agreement was sent back by Manchester United, uploaded onto TMS and accepted – all before the deadline.– It is our understanding that the deals couldn’t happen because:Real Madrid didn’t upload David’s documents onto TMS in time (Manchester United did)Real Madrid didn’t upload David’s documents to the Spanish league in time, per reports it seems some 28 minutes after the deadline– The fact that Manchester United filed the papers on time was acknowledged by the Football Association, who offered to support that claim in any discussions with FIFA. The club offered this assistance, as well as its own timestamped documents to Real Madrid but they have chosen not to go down this route.(Source: Manchester United website)"

At the end of the article, the club stated,

"“The club is delighted that its fan-favourite double Player of the Year, David de Gea, remains a Manchester United player.”"

The 24-year-old Spaniard has yet to appear for Manchester United in a league match. New signing Sergio Romero is currently Louis van Gaal’s first choice goalkeeper.

What do you think of this saga? Was Real Madrid or Manchester United at fault? Let us know in the comments!

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