Mourinho has faith in his team and dismisses Pogba move


Mourinho is a long time admirer of the young Frenchman Pogba who is the target of many high profile clubs this summer.

But, the Portuguese has gone on say that he has faith in his current squad that they are strong enough to defend the title and that Pogba is not needed in Chelsea at the moment.

After his first season at Chelsea, Jose successfully filled all the gaping holes in the team and developed the Blues into a winning machine where they are capable of playing slick football and deploy a pragmatic approach whenever called for.

After a very successful 2014/15 season which saw Chelsea win a domestic double, it was expected that the Blues will be making big moves in the transfer market to consolidate their squad.

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But, surprisingly they have been working under radar with signings of Falcao on a loan and Asamir Begovic as a replacement for the departed club legend Petr Cech.

Chelsea were heavily linked with Pogba in the pre-transfer season period but those rumors dried up and Jose doesn’t seem to be too worried.

When asked about Pogba he says,”Pogba is one of the top players in the world. Pogba goes to any team and improves that team automatically. If he stays at Juventus, Juventus will be very strong again. If he goes somewhere else he will improve immediately a team. This is not our case.

Many of the pundits and fans are shocked as to why Chelsea are being so quiet in the transfer market and especially when their rivals are making big moves.

Manchester City have consolidated their squad by signing Raheem Sterling and Fabian Delph in the past weeks which shows their strong intent for next season.

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Manchester United have refurnished their midfield by signing Bastian Schweinsteiger and Morgan Schneiderlin and not to mention Memphis Depay to bolster their attack.

On the other hand, Chelsea have a loan signing of Falcao and Asamir Begovic as a replacement for the departed Petr Cech to show for in the transfer market.

But a confident Mourinho claims,”I told the players that we are the same team and the others are not the same team. I cannot stop opponents to make an assault to the banks and spend millions and millions. I cannot stop that. I cannot stop [that] the others have a feeling that we are playing against the champions.

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“The others are spending. The others are buying a lot to try to be better than us and the fact that we are the same – we are changing a goalkeeper for another one, a striker for another one.

Chelsea are currently in pursuit of John Stones of Everton to inject some youth into their defense and are also heavily linked with Pedro of Barcelona.

Maybe it is surprising for many to see Chelsea quiet in the transfer market but there is no reason for tension. Chelsea still have the most balanced squad and are a strong and winning unit, with or without a world class signing, be it Pogba or anyone else.

Mourinho’s Chelsea are still the best team in England.

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