Did Dimitri Payet make the right move?

Dimitri Payet in France vs ArmeniaCredits: Dudek1337; WikiMedia Commons
Dimitri Payet in France vs ArmeniaCredits: Dudek1337; WikiMedia Commons /

As the summer transfer window becomes a flurry across all of Europe, fans will witness an onslaught of movement and plenty of it could be deemed questionable. French international Dimitri Payet could be apart of this lot with his recent move to the East London outfit West Ham for £10.7 million.

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The Marseille forward was an integral part of the Olympic clubs resurgence into contention in 2015 alongside other players like Andre Pierre Gignac and Andre Ayew who have also left the club. Financial issues plagued the most decorated club in France, but in the process they are losing a boatload of depth and prowess going into the 2015/2016 season by selling.

Payet comes as a huge signing for West Ham but as a bitter one for Marseille. The club made it clear they would do whatever it took to keep Payet in France, as per the statement on their official website:

"“Olympique Marseille is clear that it has absolutely no intention to sell player Dimitri Payet” (via FourFourTwo)"

The forward played two seasons at the Stade Velodrome putting to rest the struggles he had at his prior club Lille. Last season alone Payet remarkably had 16 assists in 36 appearances and provided 7 goals for Marseille.He also created more successful through balls than any other player in Europe’s top five leagues (with the exception of Lionel Messi). His versatility, attacking eye and creativity are fascinating to watch and he will surely be a brilliant signing for West Ham.

But is it the right signing for Payet? The push and pull it took for West Ham to sign Payet was a difficult one, as mentioned before, Marseille did everything they could to convince the French international not to be tempted by the East London outfits ‘pot of gold’. But despite the benefit for the Premier League and West Ham, how will this signing effect the state of Ligue 1’s growth and Payet’s?

French Football president Noel Le Graet commented on the transfer by stating that France can’t compete with the money that England has and that essentially inhibits French football’s overall European competitiveness. Especially if the league wants to continue to hold onto their stars like Payet.

"“If we got more money from our television companies, we could be more intelligent. But they don’t give us a lot – it is a joke because we are close to the level of the leagues in Italy and Germany. There is already an attraction to English football because of the money. Now a zero is added to the wages of our young players when they cross the channel and that’s not about to change.” (via Mail Online)"

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Now despite the thrilling display the forward had in a well organized Marseille side last season, it is only natural the world will take notice. With the departure of several players who he found great chemistry with such as Gignac, its fair to predict if he did stay at the Velodrome his season numbers could be much different. Ligue 1 is still fighting to find its place among other European leagues in terms of competition, thus the exit of its best is quite inevitable.

A move to England could be ill timed for a well- moving Marseille, but as an individual it is essential. Payet has spent his entire senior career in France and gaining momentum on a bigger stage is a fair move – even if that concludes with more money.

In the past year, Europe has seen more and more of Payet internationally and even though his Champions League hopes could be on hold with West Ham his domestic appearances will have a greater audience. For France the loss of Payet is unfortunate but a talent like such should be on a big stage.

At 28 year’s old, Payet has made a great decision.

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