Cech to Arsenal is an unwise move by Chelsea


Chelsea are no more  the ‘rich club’ where they spend relentlessly and bring players without caring for the FFP boundaries. But, they have grown into a stable body where they sell the players they don’t need and with that money they go the ones they need to add.

No matter who they bring in and who they sell, they keep their books balanced at all times which shows how much the club has matured through the years.

And, under Mourinho the Blues are not only champions but are looking like a different beast fearing no one. But sometimes, too much confidence on oneself and underestimating the opponent can lead to unwanted consequences in the future.

This is what I fear will happen when I read the news that Cech to Arsenal has been done. After witnessing Mourinho’s and Chelsea’s genius in the transfer market with the arrivals of Nemanja Matic, Costa and Fabregas, this Cech transfer is a shocking one.

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Many criticized Mourinho for selling Juan Mata to Manchester United but at that time United did not present any direct threat to Chelsea’s title challenge.

But, Cech to Arsenal is like we are deliberately making a rival stronger. Wenger’s team went on an extraordinary run at the end of the season where they were unbeaten in 8 league matches.

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Suffice to say, the Gunners look good both in defense and attack and properly balanced after quite a long time. Their only considerably weak spot was the goalkeeping where Szczesny and Ospina were not cutting it for the Gunners.

Now, they possess one of the best goalkeepers in the world in Cech who has plenty of Premier league experience and knows Chelsea in and out and that too for a mere 11 million.

Not only is it surprising that Chelsea entertained a rival with Cech but what is more astonishing is that how easily we let Cech go to a rival without a fight. The Blues did not ask for a player in return from Arsenal just to make the Gunner cringe a bit.

There was a rumor that Chelsea would take Oxlade Chamberlain in return for giving Cech, but unfortunately that news fizzled out and Arsenal is now holding the longer end of the stick in this deal.

According to reports, the Cech situation was in the hands of Roman Abramovich.

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Yes, Roman may not have the tactical acumen like Mourinho, but he has been the owner of Chelsea for over a decade and knows enough about football to understand the consequences of handing a player like Cech to direct rivals.

Ospina is rumored to be sold so it leaves Arsenal with Szczesny and Cech and it is a no-brainer about who will be taking the starting position between the goal posts for Arsenal when they face Chelsea for the Community Shield in August.

Cech, if seen in terms of points, will be at least equal to 10 points for Arsenal and 10 in the Premier league is a massive number. In contemporary football where each team tries to expose the other’s weaknesses, Chelsea have made Arsenal a much stronger team for no reason.

It looks as if Chelsea and Mourinho really underestimate Arsenal and their title challenge in the next season. Chelsea should have handled Cech in a better manner and this decision may come back to haunt them next season.

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