Jurgen Klopp is open to making a move to the Premier League


On June 2nd of the ongoing year, Jurgen Klopp finished his relationship with Borussia Dortmund as the German manager stepped down from his managerial role in the club.

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Jurgen Klopp spent seven years in charge of the club and during this period of time, it has been a ride which was filled with plenty of highs but depressing lapses of times as well. Klopp and his team went from winning the German league for 2 successive years and staying close to Bayern Munich at the top of the league for the next few seasons to dropping into the relegation zone for the majority of an entire season.

Carlo Ancelotti along with Jurgen Klopp are the two highest rated managers that are without any clubs at the moment. Ancelotti was sacked by Real Madrid after not being able to win any major titles and now the Italian manager is being targeted by a number of top clubs including AC Milan

However, Ancelotti rejected their offer as it seems like the highly praised manager wants to take a break from the pitch for an undetermined period of time.

Jurgen Klopp on the other hand is still interested in extending his managerial career further and the German coach has hinted out a possibility of taking charge a club in the Premier League as the 47 year old manager is a supporter of the top tier English League and finds it to be exciting.

The manager of Jurgen Klopp is Marc Kosicke and he has revealed information concerning the possibility of Klopp taking control of an English club.

"“The Premier League is very exciting, and we do not only think about the top four because there are some other great clubs below them.”“It is always all about the challenge,” he said. “When Jürgen signed for Dortmund there were other clubs who had better prestige and were in better financial mood at this time. Nevertheless he decided for Dortmund.“He has the great ability to develop things. If he goes into a stadium, feels the energy and thinks that he can make a difference here, this could be more attractive to him than going with the big deals and aim for the treble.”-Marc KosickeSource: skysports"

There is a managerial problem that seems to be going on in the Premier League as many of the clubs are rumored to be interested in changing their current coaches. Manchester City failed to lift any major pieces of silverware in this recently concluded season and the head chiefs of the club are taking into consideration sacking Manuel Pellegrini. Manchester City is one of the most expensively assembled squads in Europe and not being able to win any significant trophies is a huge blow.

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Arsenal still continues to struggle when it comes to winning the Premier League which is something that Arsene Wenger has not been able to do since the season of 2003-04.  They did manage to win the FA Cup for a 2nd consecutive year but fans want to see the club aim higher after having witnessed so many years of mediocrity.

Liverpool is another top Premier League club which struggles trying to win big trophies and Brendan Rodgers has not been living up to the expectations of the clubs’ supporters. Even the owners of the club have been rumored to be searching around the transfer market for someone who can replace him and turn Liverpool into the titans that they used to be some time ago.

These are just a few of the clubs in the Premier League that have a shaky situation with their respective managers and the arrival of Jurgen Klopp might be able to solve some of the issues that these clubs have been experiencing in recent times.

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