Chelsea FC: Mourinho Says Arsenal Would Have To Give Players Up To Land Cech

Jose Mourinho - Credit: Football DirectNews (Flickr Creative Commons)
Jose Mourinho - Credit: Football DirectNews (Flickr Creative Commons) /

Chelsea FC boss Jose Mourinho is unwilling to let Petr Cech join rivals Arsenal, but says that if it came to that, the Gunners would have to part with someone as well.

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The manager admits that owner Roman Abramovich will have the final say, but insists that he would stop the goalkeeper from joining Arsene Wenger’s side if he could.

The player gave the Gunners a bit of hope, recently claiming that he would prefer to stay in London, as a move would upset his family.

He said: “Next week we will have a meeting with Chelsea when the situation is clearer and all the cards are on the table. If I move, it brings difficulties. I must change everything, looking for housing, a school for children and so on.”

Mourinho however, doesn’t see it that way. One can imagine how hard it would be for the Portuguese, seeing one of his best ever players improving the squad of a manager with whom he has shared an intense rivalry dating back to his first stint in England.

He did get one over the Frenchman this season by signing his former prodigy Cesc Fabregas — a player who contributed heavily to Chelsea’s Premier League title win. Mourinho knows that Cech still has a lot to give, but that did not stop him from making Thibaut Courtois his number one.

Despite all of that, Cech remained upbeat, putting in spectacular shifts when called upon and never complaining. The Czech international said he did not mind playing second fiddle, but he doesn’t fancy doing it for a consecutive season.

While the Chelsea boss appreciates and acknowledges the stopper’s selfless service, he would never sanction the player moving to Arsenal.

“I have the same respect for Petr that everyone at the club has, but my answer [if he can join Arsenal] would be no way. If he answer is different, then I will accept.”

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Mourinho, not being in full control of the situation, implied that Arsenal would probably have to send one or two players his way in order to land Cech.

“For every club that is interested in Petr, I can find players in that team that I like too. I think Arsenal have a fantastic squad, probably much better than people think.” Mourinho said.

“Normally you say if you win a lot of titles then you have a fantastic squad, but they have a fantastic squad anyway.”

Mourinho insisted that he wasn’t making fun of his London rivals, but we all know better.

“I believe, and I am not making fun here, that they have a top manager. I think they have everything. They were an opponent this season, but next season they will be even better.”


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He does make a good point, but then again he always does, doesn’t he? Sending Cech to a title contender strengthens that club, while at the same time weakening Chelsea. So it would only be fair if he acquires a player or two.

Mourinho is said to be interested in Theo Walcott and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, so Wenger may have to consider letting one of them go to sweeten the deal.

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