Dick Advocaat Make U-Turn on Retirement, Signs Deal with Sunderland AFC


Following a successful campaign in which veteran manager Dick Advocaat steered Sunderland AFC away from relegation, the 68 year old Dutchman initially decided to close the curtains on his days as a club football manager.

That is, until today.

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There were numerous reasons and conjectures as to why Advocaat originally wanted to retire. These included the possible displeasure his longtime wife had toward the region of North East England, the lack of financial backing or simply just the age of the manager in question.

Evidently, something changed, and now the Dutchman has gone back on his word. Advocaat has decided to return to Sunderland and sign one-year contract to once again lead the club.

Advocaat expressed his delight on his dramatic return. Advocaat feels the fans were sure he would depart after he developed a very brief essence of a hero. The Dutchman now feels he could become much more than just that.

"“They think I’m still fit enough and personally I also feel that I am still fine. It’s a wonderful club. The owner (Ellis Short) is willing to make resources available.”"

What makes Advocaat a candidate to take Sunderland further than just another relegation battle is the experience he possesses, having managed at the top level in various different nations. His highlights include his time in charge at Zenit, Rangers and PSV.

Di Canio
Di Canio’s controversial nature might’ve been interpreted as passion, but there’s no two ways about the dire situation he left Sunderland in back in 2013. /

The Dutchman has also took the helm of many national teams throughout his vivacious career — having managed Holland, South Korea, Belgium, Russia, Serbia and the United Arab Emirates. Managerial experience is in sheer abundance.

Contrast this with the previous two head coaches of the Black Cats — the youthful figures of Paolo Di Canio and Gustavo Poyet who spoke passionately of their opportunities in management but failed to yield any form success in the long run due to underwhelming signings and naive tactical philosophies.

It seems unlikely that Sunderland would make such a mistake for the third year running. Advocaat has had decades upon decades to refine his tactical edge and commanding such a reputation as his gives the red-and-white faithful high hopes that they can haul in real quality over the summer transfer market.

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Prior to Advocaat’s initial departure, for example, Sunderland were linked with formidable forward and fellow Dutchman Klass-Jan Huntelaar – which serves as a sign for the quality of player Advocaat could potentially bring to Wearside.

Had the Dutchman not decided on this surprise return, the favorite to take the red-and-white hot seat was Sean Dyche. But with a recent poll of 85% of Sunderland fans saying they’d rather not have the Burnley manager, there wasn’t too much optimism surrounding this scenario.

Whatever Dick Advocaat plans to do over the summer at Sunderland is anyone’s guess for now, but if his track record is anything to go by, ambition will be central to the Black Cats’ footballing doctrine.

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