Premier League Takeover For Aston Villa?


A few days earlier there was a report that a takeover may be coming for Arsenal. Well it appears to be happening for Aston Villa as well.

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The Mirror reports that Tony Adams plans a Premier League takeover of around £150M. This move coincides with Randy Lerner willing to sell the club, citing a complete change in his lifestyle, as opposed to losing interest in the club.

In general, whenever you see the headlines of ‘Premier League Takover (insert football club name)’ these aren’t bad moves. It may sound like one but in actuality they’re good moves because they bring an influx of cash to the club even if they happen to be one of the world’s most richest clubs, such as Arsenal who appears on Forbes Soccer Team Valuations List at #7.

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With more money comes in a spending spree. What wasn’t able to happen during previous years around the summer and winter transfer windows will happen next year and for years to come. This could be looked at as a precursor of sorts. By that I mean look at Villa’s 2014 summer transfers and their 2015 winter transfers.

2014 Summer Transfer Window (per under the Transfer Windows tab)

Aston Villa Players In: Joe Cole (Free), Tom Leggett (Free), Philippe Senderos (Free), Aly Cissokho (£2M)

Now free transfers aren’t bad, they’re actually really good. If you can get players on a free transfer that’s even better, but the best players you need to pay. This doesn’t mean Aston Villa or any other club for that matter are cheap because no money was spent.

It means that they only had a certain amount of money to spend. Frugal shopping if you will! It just so happened to be during the summer that £2M was the highest they could go, or perhaps it’s all they needed at the time. In any event, there wasn’t much spending to bring in players during the summer minus free transfers.

During this same transfer period they had four players leave: Karim El Ahmadi (£700K), Marc Albrighton (Free), Jordan Bowery (£250K) and Samir Carruthers (undisclosed). As for their 2015 winter transfers?

£150M will be able to take Aston Villa from the middle of the table (currently 14th) to the top-ten.

2015 Winter Transfer Window

Aston Villa Players In: Carles Gil (£3.2M)

Compared to their 2015 summer transfer they were only able to bring in one new player; Carles Gil (£3.2M) and saw two more players leave the club, Jordan Graham and Daniel Johnson each for an undisclosed fee. If you add it up, more money was spent on bringing in two players combined, Cissokho and Gil, with the rest on free transfers.

Having £5.2M to spend is enough to bring in a couple of players, but it isn’t enough to help build up a squad — you’d need a lot more than that. By factoring in your club’s worth, the new Premier League TV deals and getting into European competition — especially European play with both the Champions League and Europa League — prize money should be enough to satisfy the club with more moves being made.

With this much money coming in, should this move happen, £150M will be able to take Aston Villa from the middle of the table (currently 14th) to the top-ten.

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Times like these will have everyone expecting big changes over the coming years starting with this year; especially later on this month.

On May 30, Aston Villa will clash with Arsenal to decide the winner of the FA Cup. A win could potentially signal a winds of change, with Tim Sherwood at the helm and calling the shots with transfers. Will Benteke stay or go? Can a takeover happen now to ensure money to spend during the summer transfer window?

Look forward for news on these clubs: Tottenham Hotspur with a new transfer policy involving Mauricio Pochettino, Manchester United signing Memphis Depay and Aston Villa with a possible takeover. The Premier League table will have a good shakeup, bringing interesting story lines to follow.

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